Bubble Sort (Flowchart)

The flowchart depicts the algorithm for the bubble sort.

Flowchart for Bubble Sort

The flowchart shows the steps of the bubble sort algorithm. It is a simple sorting algorithm, that can switch two neighboring items in one run. The items "bubble" up with every additional iteration until the whole list is sorted. It is very ineffective for most real-life scenarios and is used mostly for educational purposes.

Bubble Sort (Flowchart)
Bubble Sort (Flowchart)

Bubble Sort algorithm includes the following steps:

1. Set N = Length of Array

2. Array[j] > Array[j + 1] (Decision)

  • if no - continue with the step 4

3. Swap Array[j] and Array[j+1]

4. Increment j (j++)

5. j < N - i - 1 (Decision)

  • if yes - continue with the step 2

6. Clear j (j = 0)

7. Increment i (i++)

8. i < N - 1 (Decision)

  • if yes continue with the step 2

9. Ordered Array

Download Bubble Sort Flowchart

The project file with the bubble sort flowchart can be download here. After downloading you can edit it using the flowchart designer Software Ideas Modeler - you can download it here.

Bubble Sort (Flowchart)


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