Medical Examination (N-ary Association Example)

The UML class diagram example shows the entities needed for the medical examination model. The example shows usage of n-ary association.

The diagram shows a part of a medical information system that depicts the relationships between medical examination classifiers. The example is focused on n-ary association and association class constructs.

Medical Examination (N-ary Association Example)
Medical Examination (N-ary Association Example)

The diagram contains the following elements:

  • Medical Examination (UML N-ary Association)
  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Diagnose
  • Drug
  • Medical Examination (UML Association Class)

The n-ary association Medical Examination connects one doctor, one patient, multiple drugs, and multiple diagnoses.

If you want to create your class diagrams, read our tutorial on how to work with UML class diagrams.

Download Diagram for Medical Examination

You can download the class diagram here:

Medical Examination (N-ary Association Example)

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