Enhanced High DPI Support and Better Source Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.25

Software Ideas Modeler 13.25 is better optimized for high DPI screens now. There are also several improvements in source code generation for Python, JSON, and C#.

Source code templates support options that allow you to configure the generated output. The first template that can be configured is the default C# template.

Also, several bugs were fixed in the new release which will make your diagramming more smooth.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.25 with better high DPI support
Software Ideas Modeler 13.25 with better high DPI support

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved user interface for higher DPI
  • Added new source code template: Python with type hinting
  • Added type representation field to Type Set Editor
  • Added mapping to general types for Python type set
  • Added new JSON type set
  • Added support for generating JSON from the entity-relationship diagram
  • Improved properties scrolling in General tab (Properties dialog)
  • Added source code template settings
  • Added XML documentation comments to C# source code generation [RQ#1691]
  • Added regions to C# source code generation (optional setting) [RQ#1691]
  • Added syntax highlight for regions in C# source code editor

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed incorrect change of visibility after applying a stereotype to a field (e.g. attribute)
  • Fixed application crash when trying to enable diagram frame for a diagram using the Properties dialog
  • Fixed duplicate id issue in Draw.io export
  • Fixed chart legends for charts with custom styles
  • Fixed incorrect application of GUI settings from the Options dialog
  • Fixed moving milestones and labels in Roadmap diagram
  • Fixed rendering background of type None


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