Project Tree Sidebar

Project Tree sidebar allows to browse the models, diagrams, and elements of the project and to add, move, order or delete these project item.

There are multiple ways how to show Project Tree sidebar:

  • Clicking on the Project button ( ) in the sidebar.
  • Using menu View / Sidebars / Project Tree
  • Using ribbon View / Widnows / Sidebars / Project Tree

The Project Tree sidebar consists of two tool strips and the project tree panel.

Project Tree

The project tree is the largest part of the Project Tree sidebar. It displays models, diagrams, and elements from the current project. If you click on an element in the project tree, it will be selected (previous selection will be cleared unless you hold CTRL), its parent diagram will be open and the view will navigate to the selected element. If you click on a diagram, the tab (window) with it will be shown. If you click on a model, a Model overview tab (window) will be shown. If you click on the project node, the Project Properties tab (window) will be shown.

You can select multiple items if you click on them with the CTRL key pressed. If you click on an item with SHIFT key pressed, all elements between the selected item and the clicked item will be selected. If you click on a selected item with the CTRL key pressed, the item will be unselected.

If you want to rename an item, click on it and press F2 or select an item, click again on it and wait a moment to show an edit box.

You can drag an item (model, diagram, element) to change its position in the tree. You can move an element to another diagram, a diagram to another model and a nested model to another parent model or to move it to the top level. You can also move a model to another model and make it so a nested model from it.

New Diagram

It shows the New Diagram dialog, where you can choose the type of diagram and the diagram name. After dialog confirmation, a new diagram will be added to the active model.

New Model

It adds a new model to the project. If the Project node is selected in the project tree, a top-level model will be added. If a model is selected, the new model will be added as a submodel of this model. If a diagram or element is selected in the project tree, the new model will be added as a submodel of the parent model of the selected diagram or element.

Add Resource

Shows Add Resource Item dialog which allows adding a new resource item to the project. If you fill and confirm the dialog with the OK button, the new resource item will be added to the active model.

Favorite Diagrams

The right part of the top tool strip of the Project Tree sidebar contains buttons that allow adding a new diagram on a single click. There are maximally 10 buttons for the top 10 most used diagrams. It allows you to create your favorite diagrams easier and faster than the other ones.


Sometimes it may happen that the project tree does not show fresh data. You can use the Refresh button to force an update of the content of the project tree.

Expand All

It expands all nodes and subnodes of the project tree. The project tree will be fully visible with all its nodes and subnodes.

Collapse All

It collapses all nodes and subnodes of the project tree. Only a top-level Project node will be visible.


The View drop-down list allows changing the structure of the displayed content in the project tree.

  • Hierarchical View - the project tree shows the logical hierarchy of models, diagrams, and elements.
  • All Entities – shows all elements in the simple list. It does not display diagrams and models.
  • Diagram Types – this view shows only diagrams grouped by their type.


The menu Filter allows choosing what kinds of items should be displayed in the project tree. There are these options:

  • Show Entities - if checked, it shows all entities (classes, actors, states, etc.)
  • Show Relations - if checked, it shows all relationships (generalizations, associations, etc.)
  • Show Groups - if checked, it shows all groups
  • Show Comments - if checked, it shows all comments


The menu Sorting allows to sort items of the project tree by several criteria:

  • Custom Sort - uses the custom user-defined order of items
  • Sort By Name - sorts items in the project tree by name ascending
  • Sort By Creation Date - sorts items in the project tree by creation date ascending
  • Sort By Type - sorts items in the project tree by type ascending

Context Menu

If you click using the right mouse button on an item in the project tree, the context menu will show. It offers these commands:

  • Add Diagram - shows a submenu with all diagram types. It allows you to add a new diagram to the active model.
  • Add Model - adds a new model to the project (if the project node is selected) or a new nested model to the active model.
  • Move To Model - moves a selected diagram to another model.
  • Rename - starts editing of an item.
  • Copy - copies the selected item(s) to the clipboard
  • Paste - pastes items from the clipboard
  • Delete - deletes the selected item(s) only from the diagram, the model will be preserved in the project repository.
  • Delete from Project - deletes the selected item(s) from the project. If there are more instances of this item a dialog with a list of these instances will show - in that case you can decide whether you really delete all of them or not.

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