Improved Source Code Parsing and Model Navigator - Software Ideas Modeler 13.35

The new version improves the Parser sidebar and overall performance of source code parsing. Model Navigator has gained support for arrow key navigation. Various bugs were fixed.
Software Ideas Modeler 13.35 - Improved Source Code Parser
Software Ideas Modeler 13.35 - Improved Source Code Parser

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved user interface of Parser sidebar
  • Faster parsing of source code from multiple files
  • Faster project comparison
  • Added support for lambda properties to C# source code parser
  • Changed focus highlight style for formatted text control
  • Better alignment of containment relationships in generated package diagram (in source code reverse engineering)
  • Added support for zoom to Model Navigator
  • Added navigation using arrow keys to Model Navigator
  • Improved connector attaching to flowchart elements Data, User Input, Extract, Merge, Offline Storage
  • Added Total Participation tool to the Chen ER Diagram toolbox

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a specific case when it is not possible to insert parsed elements in the Parser sidebar to the active diagram
  • Fixed application crash for a specific case of class creation from parsed source code
  • Fixed missing space after property type name and other formatting issues in C# source code generation
  • Fixed programming language auto-detection in Parser sidebar
  • Fixed icons in ORM diagram toolbox
  • Fixed non-working styling of Labels (from Drawing group) in a specific case
  • Fixed showing Properties dialog using double-click for ORM role connector
  • Fixed applying rounded style to Tutorial Label element
  • Fixed editing hierarchical properties in the Properties sidebar
  • Fixed refreshing hierarchical properties in the Properties sidebar when switching to another element
  • Fixed refreshing size of the container with additional properties in Properties dialog after expanding sub-properties
  • Fixed centering for central element in Model Navigator
  • Fixed application crash when inserting nested groups with diagram description element


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