Software Ideas Modeler 14.07 - Enhanced Usability and Stability

This update introduces a series of improvements and fixes, enhancing both the functionality and user experience of the software. In this article, we'll present what is new in Software Ideas Modeler 14.07.

Enhanced Element Placement in Complex Diagrams

One of the significant improvements in version 14.07 is the improved placement of elements within containers in complex scenarios involving multiple overlapping and nested elements. This enhancement greatly simplifies the process of organizing and structuring diagrams, especially block diagrams and wireframes.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved placing an element into a container in complicated situations with multiple overlapping and nesting elements

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed loading rotated elements from older versions than 14.00 [RQ#2732]
  • Fixed saving field filters
  • Fixed showing some context menu fields (Move to Layer, Stereotypes, Navigate To, Change Type)
  • Fixed autocomplete for operation parameter types
  • Fixed application stuck when opening the Graphics sidebar
  • Fixed updating relationships when applying source code reverse engineering update
  • Fixed undo for source code reverse engineering
  • Fixed hover effect for the element under the cursor while dragging another element


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