Improved Snaplines and Comments - Software Ideas Modeler 14.55

Software Ideas Modeler continues to evolve, bringing significant enhancements and features with its latest update, version 14.55. This version introduces an array of improvements focusing on usability and functionality, particularly enhancing work with snaplines and comments.
Software Ideas Modeler 14.55
Software Ideas Modeler 14.55

Snaplines Improvements

Significant improvements have been made in how snaplines are handled, especially in conflict scenarios, providing a smoother and more intuitive experience. The software now prioritizes the side closest to the point of interaction, allowing for a smoother and more intuitive alignment process. We introduced snaplines to diagram boundaries for improved precision.

Enhanced Collaboration and Commenting Features

The new update brings interesting features for managing cooperation comments. With visual indicators now part of the user interface, elements containing comments are easily distinguishable, enabling quicker navigations and updates. The process of adding comments has been streamlined through a new button directly accessible in the context bar, allowing for immediate feedback and notes without disrupting workflow. Furthermore, comments have become more manageable with the ability to edit them directly in the comment panel, bypassing the need for additional dialog windows. The introduction of timestamps for each comment in the Cooperation tab adds a layer of detail, aiding in project management and historical tracking.

Improved Project Tree

This release also sees upgrades to how project elements are managed and displayed. For instance, fields such as attributes and operations can now be viewed directly within the project tree, simplifying the management and navigation of complex projects. You can now access the Properties dialog for the selected field from the project tree sidebar. You can also copy, paste, rename and delete the fields in the project tree.

Fields in Project Tree
Fields in Project Tree

UML Modeling Capabilities Enhancements

Version 14.55 broadens its support for UML with the inclusion of new elements such as Deployment Specification, Execution Environment, Device, and Communication Path.

Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a new indicator for elements with cooperation comments
  • Added a new button for adding a cooperation comment using the context bar
  • Added new UML elements: Deployment Specification, Execution Environment, Device, Communication Path
  • The Margin style property is applied to connected relationships
  • Fields (attributes, operations) can be displayed in the project tree (Project sidebar/Filter/Show Fields)
  • The Add Attribute button is excluded from the context bar for UML Actors and Activities in the default presentation mode
  • Improved connector selection in a container
  • Added Add Reply Sequence Message button to the context bar
  • Added more allowed transitions for the UML Activity Diagram, UML Deployment Diagram, UML Component Diagram, and UML Communication Diagram
  • Lifeline renamed to object for UML communication diagram in the toolbox
  • Added Clear All Data Series and All Data Items in the data series editor
  • Added multi-select support in the data series editor
  • Elements are resized around their center after applying the Make Size action
  • Displaying creation date and time for comments in the Cooperation tab (Properties dialog)
  • Improved look and feel of the comment panel
  • Comments can be edited directly in the comment panel without showing a dialog form
  • Improved handling of snaplines in conflict scenarios, now prioritizing the side closest to the point of interaction
  • Added snaplines to the container nesting area
  • Improved container nesting area for the UI Group Box element
  • Added diagram bounds snaplines

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when the connection string is not filled in the Database Deploy dialog
  • Fixed some minor stability issues
  • Fixed inserting Container Block elements in Nested Block Diagram using double-click on the toolbox button
  • Fixed required interface initial setting
  • Fixed project tree expansion saving and restoring on refresh
  • Fixed inconsistent naming for paste actions
  • Fixed setting new values to a chart when pasting the data from the clipboard in the Properties dialog
  • Fixed realigning execution occurrence bars to lifelines after moving multiple bars at once
  • Fixed closing menu using the ESC button
  • Fixed editing Direction, Concurrent, and Iteration columns in the grid in the Properties dialog for Message relationships
  • Fixed restoring the last dialog window size
  • Fixed name field selection out of its bounds in UI elements
  • Fixed SQL DDL change script generation
  • Fixed text bounds in the Callout Arrow shape
  • Fixed application crash when resizing element to zero width or height
  • Fixed snapping to the grid for negative resizing
  • Fixed restoring diagram windows and folder overview windows
  • Fixed adding existing diagrams to the project
  • Fixed copying and pasting screen elements in Screen Flow Diagram


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