Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)

A diagram of classes in Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Class diagram.

This diagram shows classes identified within Restaurant Order System. It describes relationships between menu, meals, orders and emloyees.

UML Class Diagram for Restaurant System

The UML Class Diagram for the restaurant system includes the following classes and enumerations:
  • Menu
  • MenuItem
  • Meal
  • MenuCategor
  • Category (Enumeration) - Appetizer, MainCourse, Specialty, SideDish, Dessert, ChildrensMenu, SoftDrink, AlcoholicDrink
  • OrderItem
  • Order
  • Table
  • OrderItemStatus (Enumeration) - Draft, Listed, Cooking, Cooked, Served, Paid, Cancelled
  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Employee
Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)
Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)


Anush 19 September 2019 21:03:17


I want to examine use case diagram for Restaurant system

Dusan Rodina - 27 June 2020 22:47:47

RE: Management

You can find the use case diagram for the restaurant system here:

Nzm 12 August 2020 5:22:52

Activity Diagram

I want to examine Activity diagram for Restaurant system

I want to examine Sequence diagram for Restaurant system

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