Use Case Diagram Examples

Examples of UML use case diagrams. User requirements for various systems modeled using use cases. You can download a SIMP file for each use case example.

Hospital Management System (UML Diagrams)

The example project models a hospital management system using UML use case, class and sequence diagrams.

Life Insurance System (UML Diagrams)

The UML diagrams describe a life insurance system. The life insurance system registers clients and supports insurance processes. The actors and their interactions with the system are modeled using a use case diagram. The project describes these insurance processes using UML activity diagrams - new client registration for insurance, insurance claim, and insurance premium collection.

Command Stack (Diagram)

The executed commands may be stored in a stack to provide undo and redo functionality. These diagrams show the structure and behavior of a command stack.

DMS - Document Management System (Project, Diagrams)

This example project shows the design of a document management system (DMS) including its use cases and object structure.

Restaurant Orders (UML Use Case Diagram)

A diagram with use cases for Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Use Case diagram.

Hotel Room Booking System Use Cases (UML Use Case Diagram)

Example of use case diagram. A part of Hotel Room Booking System series.