Hierarchy Diagram Maker

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a diagram software that provides a hierarchy diagram generation tool. Using our software it is easy to create a hierarchical diagram manually but even easier using our hierarchy diagram maker. The generator allows you to produce tree diagrams and hierarchies in no time just by entering indented text or a bulleted list.

Hierarchy Diagram Generator

The generation tool can be used in a very straightforward way. You only need to enter indented text, and our software performs the rest of the work for you. If you need a specific type of hierarchy diagram, the rich settings allow you to adjust the result according to your requirements. Afterward, you can freely move and style the individual nodes of the generated hierarchy in the diagram editor.

This tutorial shows you how to create a hierarchical diagram using our built-in hierarchy diagram tool.

Hierarchy Diagram Tool
Hierarchy Diagram Tool

Diagram Tool Features

  • Hierarchy diagram generation
  • Tree navigation
  • Beautiful styles
  • Grid, snap lines and other guides
  • Auto layout
  • Find and Replace
  • Export to various image formats

Supported Hierarchy Types

  • Vertical top-to-bottom hierarchy
  • Vertical bottom-to-top hierarchy
  • Horizontal left-to-right hierarchy
  • Horizontal right-to-left hierarchy
  • Perpendicular branches

Hierarchy Diagrams

  • Class hierarchy diagrams
  • Component hierarchy diagrams
  • Package hierarchy diagrams
  • Flowchart hierarchy diagrams
  • Others

Hierarchy Diagram Examples

You can find some examples created using our software here: