How to Make a Tree Diagram

You can draw a tree diagram box by box or you can generate it from the text list. Software Ideas Modeler offers a handy solution which allows you to create a tree diagram very easily within seconds.

What Is a Tree Diagram?

A tree diagram (also known as hierarchy chart) is a type of an oriented hierarchical diagram. It is usually a top-down diagram (but also other directions are possible). It is a diagram without loops. It represents a composite structure with a root in the beginning (on the top), followed by branches and leaves that do not have any other parts or subhierarchies (on the bottom).

Tree Diagram Terminology

Root - the first element in the hierarchy. It does not have any parents. All other nodes come from this element.

Branch - an element in the middle of the hierarchy. It has a parent and also children (subnodes).

Leaf - a last element in the hierarchy. It has a parent but it does not have any children (subnodes).

Sibling - an element that comes from the same parent as another element.

How to Generate a Tree Diagram

If you want to make a tree diagram:

  • switch to the Project tab in the ribbon, and click on the Hierarchy Diagram button in the Generate Diagram group.
  • in the classic menu interface, you can find the option in Project / Generate Diagram / Hierarchy Diagram
Generate a tree diagram using Hierarchy Generation dialog
Generate a tree diagram using Hierarchy Generation dialog

It shows the Hierarchy dialog. The dialog allows you to choose diagram type - it may be any diagram types (UML, ERD, etc.) - flowchart is set as the default option.

In the other drop-downs, you can specify the element for boxes and for the connectors. Flowchart process is the default option for the boxes and flowchart flow is used for connectors by default.

The dialog also allows you to choose the direction of the generated connectors. It can be:

  • From child to parent (default)
  • From parent to child

The largest part of the window is the text area called Definition. You can enter (or paste) your list of items there. The hierarchy is resolved by the indention of particular text lines. You can use e.g. hyphens or whitespaces for the line indentation.

After clicking on the OK button, a new hierarchy chart based on the specified definition will be generated and added to the project.

Example of Tree Diagram

A tree diagram example based on a flowchart, generated using the Generate Hierarchy feature:

Tree Diagram Example
Tree Diagram Example

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