UML and Wireframes

Software Ideas Modeler allows you to combine UML diagrams with user interface diagrams and wireframes.

When it comes to software development, designing various parts of a solution can often require different diagramming tools. For example, UML notation is well-suited for specifying entities and relationships in a software application, while wireframes and user interface diagrams are ideal for visualizing how the user interacts with the software.

Software Ideas Modeler offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to combine various notations in a single project. With this tool, you can seamlessly integrate your UML class diagrams with wireframes and user interface diagrams to achieve a comprehensive view of your software solution.

Structural Design using UML

Before diving into the user interface design, it's important to have a solid understanding of the entities used in your application and their relationships. The UML class diagram provides a powerful tool for specifying these elements, including their attributes and data types.

Design Screens and Views

Depending on the type of software you're developing, you can choose from different wireframing diagram types in Software Ideas Modeler:

Linking wireframes with UML classes is straightforward in Software Ideas Modeler. For example, if you have a list of fields or a grid in your view, you can simply drag the desired class from the Project tree and drop it over the grid or field list element in the UI diagram. The columns or fields in your wireframe will automatically follow the class definition.

UML and wireframes
UML and wireframes

With Software Ideas Modeler, you have the flexibility to design various parts of your software solution using the appropriate diagramming tools. Whether you prefer UML notation or user interface diagrams, this tool offers a comprehensive solution for software design and development.

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