Better Hierarchical Diagram Generation, Chen ERD Editor, and Souce Code Generation for C# - Software Ideas Modeler 12.75

The new Software Ideas Modeler 12.75 adds more options for hierarchical diagram generation, extends C# source code generator with other elements, and improves Chen ER diagram editor. General diagramming options were also enhanced - especially right-drag context menu behavior.

Improved Chen ERD Editor

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings several improvements to the Chen ERD editor. The type of entity, relationship, and attribute can be adjusted using the ribbon Model tab. A new type of attribute (Weak attribute) and participation (Total participation) are supported.

The Chen ER Diagram can be converted to the ER diagram.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.75
Software Ideas Modeler 12.75

Enhanced Tree Diagram Generation

The hierarchical diagram generator offers a lot of new advanced settings that allow you to adjust every aspect of a generated tree diagram.

Advanced Hierarchy Generation Settings
Advanced Hierarchy Generation Settings

Connector Setting for Auto-Layouts

Another option was added to Auto Layout dialogs. It allows you to choose a connector type that will be used in the new layout.

Layout Settings Dialog
Layout Settings Dialog

Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved Hierarchical Diagram Generation
    • Settings divided to two tabs - General (for basic settings) and Advanced
    • Added Hierarchy direction setting
    • Added Connector line style setting
    • Added box width, box height, level offset and sibling offset setting
    • Element types for box and connector are filtered by diagram type
  • Added support for Weak Key Attribute to Chen ER Diagram
  • Added support for Total Participation Type to Chen ER Diagram
  • Added new buttons for Chen ERD elements to the ribbon Model tab
  • Added new predefined stereotypes for attributes (event) and for operations (delegate)
  • Added support for events, delegates and readonly attributes source code generation to C# code generation
  • Imports defined for a class are included in the generated source code
  • Improved adding interaction operands to UML fragment
  • Added support for Chen ER Diagram conversion to ER diagram
  • Improved UML Class Diagram to ER diagram - attribute with IsID modifier are converted to primary keys of ERD entities
  • Diagram conversion options are listed in the Convert Diagram menu only if the conversion option is available for the current diagram
  • If no element is selected, the whole diagram is converted
  • diagram types mode in Project tree shows only diagram type nodes with some diagrams
  • Added option for changing connector line style to auto-layout dialogs
  • Drag context menu items Incorporate Element, Swap Elements and Make Same Size are not displayed when they are not applicable

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed text representation of UML sequence messages for the clipboard
  • Fixed omitting interface in generated source code
  • Fixed Properties dialog for Fragment (UML Sequence Diagram)
  • Fixed wrong layout of UML fragment with interaction operands after saving and loading in some scenarios
  • Fixed rendering of participation line in Chen ER Diagram
  • Fixed application crash when trying to use Incorporate New Element action for the relationship with an unconnected end
  • Fixed duplicated options in the incorporate new element menu for some diagrams
  • Fixed wrong repainting element after undoing an incorporate new element action
  • Fixed application crash when adding some types of diagrams and the project tree is displayed in the diagram types mode
  • Fixed application crash when choosing to create a new Interface element for an attribute type of DataType or Structure


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