Open API and WSDL Service Definition Support - Software Ideas Modeler 13.80

Software Ideas Modeler 13.80 supports a bunch of service development-related features, including OpenAPI and WSDL definition reverse engineering and definition generation from diagrams.

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings many exciting features and improvements that help you in service design. You may find useful the new UML-derived diagrams for Open API, WSDL, and JSON Schema definitions.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.80 - Open API Diagram
Software Ideas Modeler 13.80 - Open API Diagram

The reverse engineering features allow you to import Open API (in JSON and YAML) and WSDL schema into your project and generate diagrams for the service definition. The current version also supports the import of JSON schemas.

You can generate service definitions (Open API - JSON and WSDL) from the diagrams.

The diagram editor has several interesting improvements. The field context menu allows you to navigate to the field type classifier. The message panel hides automatically after executing another command. The grips got a hover effect.

The Fast editor for textual editing of the selected elements works better with more elements.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new UML Open API diagram
  • Added new UML JSON Schema diagram
  • Added new UML WSDL diagram
  • Added JSON Open API generation
  • Added WSDL code generation
  • Added WSDL reverse engineering
  • Added JSON Schema reverse engineering
  • Added JSON Open API reverse engineering
  • Added YAML Open API reverse engineering
  • Added Rules tab to Properties dialog for elements with rules
  • Optimized project file size
  • Added Collaboration Use tool to UML Composite Structure Diagram
  • Added drag&drop support for setting UML Part type to a dropped classifier
  • Added new template commands for Diagram: ElementWithStereotype, ElementsWithStereotype
  • Changed the default size of the Menu element (UI Diagram)
  • Added support for extended editing for all classifiers (not only UML Class) to Fast Editor
  • Added support for tagged values editing to Fast Editor
  • Added Fast Editor editing support for User Interface Diagram elements
  • Added checkboxes for other field modifiers to the Field context ribbon tab
  • Displaying owned elements in Related Elements in the Properties dialog
  • Auto size by double click on a grip is applied to all selected elements not only to an active element
  • Diagram Description element is placed in the right bottom corner to not cover the existing elements in the diagram
  • Added Navigate to submenu in the context menu for fields
  • Added Change Type option to the context menu for typed UML elements
  • Tagged values definition for stereotypes
  • Improved JSON Schema generation
  • Added support for importing a database using ODBC driver
  • Message panel is automatically hidden after executing the next command in the diagram editor
  • Added hover effect for grips in the diagram editor
  • Added arrow-key navigation between class rules

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed combo-box behavior for mnemonics and drop-down confirmation without selection
  • Fixed adding top-level menu items to the Menu element (UI Diagram) using the context bar button
  • Fixed rendering screen content for Screen element with Window type (Screen Flow Diagram)
  • Fixed editing name for Screen element with Window type in diagram editor (Screen Flow Diagram)
  • Fixed loading diagrams with size label
  • Fixed some disabled actions for selected fields in the Field ribbon tab
  • Fixed application crash when showing Change Type submenu for the selected field and no type set is chosen for the parent diagram
  • Fixed loading some setting values in the Options dialog
  • Fixed applying role visibility setting
  • Fixed long duration of applying settings
  • Fixed corrupted user interface after resetting options to defaults
  • Fixed applying GUI style from the Options dialog
  • Fixed setting the property owner to the target classifier when copying attributes from one classifier to another
  • Fixed application crash when loading projects with nested diagrams that contain an element instance that is the owner of the parent diagram
  • Fixed deleting a single selected relationship with a stereotype when selected using area selection
  • Fixed stereotype field selection when the name field covers the entire element
  • Fixed UML Composite Part tool in the toolbox - it inserted a non-composite part
  • Fixed auto size for elements with displayed tagged values
  • Fixed switching the ribbon to the Home tab when a context tab (e.g. Field) is active and selecting another item of the same type (e.g. another field)
  • Fixed application crash when converting UML Class Diagram with several instances of the same element model to ERD
  • Fixed displaying comments in the Related Elements tab in the Properties dialog
  • Fixed saving property source codes
  • Fixed open project when it has a corrupted backup file [RQ#1714]
  • Fixed application crash when setting name transformation in Mapping Definition editor
  • Fixed incorrectly set 'From Field' drop-down list in Mapping Definition editor
  • Fixed rendering removed stereotypes for relationships
  • Fixed hiding sidebar during resizing when resizing it to a very small size
  • Fixed removing border element from its container after selecting it
  • Fixed setting modifiers for stereotype properties
  • Fixed expanding container to cover nested elements on left and top
  • Fixed application crash when inserting elements from Parser sidebar when change tracking enabled
  • Fixed saving projects to multiple files
  • Fixed Exported image size setting - changed to percent
  • Fixed setting label position using the context menu for some element types
  • Fixed auto-size of an element with border elements
  • Fixed displaying type of UML Activity Parameter Node
  • Fixed warning for the empty name in the New Diagram diagram [RQ#1715]
  • Fixed rendering of stereotype section header
  • Fixed showing tagged values for UML Activity
  • Fixed application crash when setting negative numbers for width or height in the Properties sidebar


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