Elevating User Experience and AI Integration - Software Ideas Modeler 14.05

The recent release of version 14.05 brings a series of enhancements and fixes to streamline the user experience further. It improves UML class diagram to ERD, AI capabilities, Find Results window, and general stability.

A Change Text Color button is now a part of the context bar, simplifying the process for users who want to adjust their text colors quickly.

In the Find Results window, with just a double click, users can now navigate directly to an element. Additionally, a new context menu provides "Navigate to Element" and "Properties" actions, enhancing the navigation process.

The Convert UML Class Diagram to ER Diagram feature now supports UML Enumeration and UML Generalization conversion, with preservation of relationship points and style.

The new version also brings new settings for the OpenAI API. With support for model selection (GPT3.5/GPT4), users have more options in leveraging AI capabilities. Moreover, there's now an ability for generative AI-driven Glossary Term generation. However, it's important to note that access to the OpenAI API is necessary for these features.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved Convert UML Class Diagram to ER Diagram (support for UML Enumeration and UML Generalization conversion, relationship points preserved, style preserved)
  • Added "Change Text Color" button to the context bar
  • Added navigation to element on double click to Find Results window
  • Added context menu to "Find Results" window with "Navigate to Element" and "Properties" actions
  • Added support for opening diagram tabs on the background using the middle button
  • Improved icon rendering in the "New Diagram" dialog
  • Added new settings for OpenAI API: timeout and model selection (GPT3.5/GPT4)
  • Added support for Glossary Term generation by generative AI (Open AI API needed)
  • Increased the default height of grid rows in dialogs slightly
  • Improved design of the server repository dialog
  • Added support for per-monitor DPI to the server configuration console
  • Improved rendering of icons for toolbars and menus in the dark mode
  • Added TSX extension for supported TypeScript source code files
  • Improved navigation using keys in the new diagram menu

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed setting field visibility for diagram generation by AI
  • Fixed setting field types as references to generated elements for diagram generation by AI
  • Fixed application crash when middle-clicking the "Plus" button in the "Folder Overview" tab
  • Fixed application crash caused by excessively long paragraph texts
  • Fixed application crash when changing the file of a resource item
  • Fixed application crash when using Generate Diagram by AI in some cases
  • Fixed adding open server projects to recent project history
  • Fixed real-time synchronization for server projects
  • Fixed moving UML Initial State within a region of a UML State with multiple regions
  • Fixed missing icons in stereotypes control
  • Fixed rotation of polygon path elements
  • Fixed application crash when setting some limit parameters for arrow elements
  • Fixed application crash when adding a global filter before the filter list initialization
  • Fixed application crash when opening a toolbox context menu when the previous toolbox context menu is still open
  • Fixed application crash when opening the "Container Settings" dialog for an element with an undefined container type
  • Fixed setting rotation center of an element placed within a rotated container
  • Fixed adding additional example rows to ERD entity using generative AI


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