TypeScript UML Diagram Tool

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a UML tool with TypeScript support. You can design all types of UML diagrams and many others. The software includes a TypeScript type set and reverse-engineering and source code generation tools designed for TypeScript. The best diagram for the interface structure design is UML Class Diagram. Our TypeScript UML generator allows you to turn your class diagrams into code with interface definitions and scaffolds for project classes.

You may also find useful flowcharts, NSD charts, or activity diagrams for designing algorithms.

TypeScript UML Diagram Tool
TypeScript UML Diagram Tool

Typescript UML Generator Features

  • Source Code Generation to Files
  • Source Code Generation to Text Box
    • Generation for Selected Elements
    • Generation for Entire Diagram
  • Class Generation
  • Interface Generation
  • Enumeration Generation
  • Doc Generation
  • Indentation Type and Size Settings

Other Programming Languages Support

Software Ideas Modeler also supports other programming languages: