Class Diagram Generator

The class diagram generation is part of the reverse engineering feature in Software Ideas Modeler. It allows you to produce UML class diagrams from source codes in various programming languages.

The Class Diagram Generator is a useful tool that enables the user to effectively conceptualize the structural composition of their codebase. It provides a streamlined process for producing UML class diagrams that illustrate the classes and their respective interconnections within the project.

When using the generator, you simply specify the programming language and the source code of your project. The generator then parse your code, recognizes the classes and their relationships, and creates a visual representation of the code architecture. The resulting class diagram provides a comprehensive overview of the project structure and serves as a valuable resource for developers to understand the code.

You can generate a UML diagram with classes and their relationships for these programming languages: C++, C#, Dart, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Object Pascal PHP, Protocol Buffer, Python, Ruby, SQL DDL, TypeScript, and Visual Basic.

Class Diagram Generator
Class Diagram Generator

Generate Class Diagrams

Our class diagram tool allows you to generate the diagrams in two ways:

  • Smart Parser sidebar - paste a source code from the clipboard to the text box inside the Parser sidebar, and it will generate class diagram elements, which you can add to your project. The Smart Parser sidebar can be displayed from the ribbon / View (tab) / Windows (group) / Sidebars (drop-down button) / Smart Parser
  • Source Code Import dialog - you can show the dialog from the ribbon: Process (tab) / Reverse Engineering (group) / Source Code (button). Choose the desired programming language and add the source code files. Check the UML and Classes checkboxes in the Object group box in the Settings tab. The other checkboxes in the group box can be unchecked if you want to generate only UML class diagrams.

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