C++ UML Diagram Tool

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a UML modeling tool that allows you to draw diagrams for your C++ projects. You can also transform the existing C++ source code files into UML diagrams. You can generate source code from UML class diagrams (and others) with our source code template engine. Software Ideas Modeler includes a type set with C++ types, you can directly use in your diagrams and models.

Our tool is helpful for programmers who need to quickly create class diagrams from existing source code and examine the overall structure of the analyzed project and the relationships between various classes.

All these features make Software Ideas Modeler useful both when designing new systems and when maintaining existing ones.

C++ UML Diagram Tool
C++ UML Diagram Tool
  • Parser sidebar for quick code parsing
  • C++ code to UML class diagrams
  • C++ source code generation
  • Type set with C++ types
  • C++ syntax highlighting

Software Engineering Features

  • Model Navigator
  • Documentation generation
  • Element reusing
  • Find & replace

Other Programming Languages Support

Software Ideas Modeler also supports other programming languages: