New Wireframing Tools and Improved Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 12.40

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool Software Ideas Modeler brings a bunch of new great features. The wireframing abilities were greatly extended. There are 2 new wireframing diagrams - Mobile App Diagram and Screen Flow Diagram. Apart from this entity-relationship diagram was improved - it visualizes the enumeration tables better and a new feature allows you to break M:N relationship to an association table and 2 relationships.

Mobile App Diagram

Wireframing - Mobile App Diagram
Wireframing - Mobile App Diagram

Screen Flow Diagram

Wireframing - Screen Flow Diagram
Wireframing - Screen Flow Diagram

Entity Data Enumeration in E-R Diagrams

ER Diagram - Entity Data
ER Diagram - Entity Data

Improved Mind Map

Mind Map Icons
Mind Map Icons

Associate Diagrams to Elements using Using Drag & Drop

Diagram Association using Drag&Drop
Diagram Association using Drag&Drop

New Styling Option - Rounding

Rounded Border Style
Rounded Border Style

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Screen Flow Diagram
  • Added Mobile App Diagram
    • Time control
    • Keyboard
    • Context menu
    • Button panel
    • App title panel
    • Checked list box
    • Smartphone
    • Login
    • Alphabet bar
  • Added new UI diagram elements
    • Accordion menu
    • Web Browser
    • Ruler
    • Rating bar
    • Named box
    • Thumbnail view
    • Map
  • Added password style for UI textboxes
  • Added new styling property Rounding
  • Added support for icons to UI Button
  • Added new types of Progress Bar (Infographic diagram)
    • Custom Pieces
    • Custom Vertical Fill
    • Custom Horizontal Fill
    • Custom Pie Fill
  • Showing data of ERD entity
  • Added new diagram editing shortcut keys
    • INSERT - adds a new default connected element (e.g. a associated class)
    • PAGE UP - adds a new default connected element for top position (e.g. a super class)
    • PAGE DOWN - adds a new default connected element for bottom position (e.g. a sub class)
  • Added shortcut keys editing support for MindMap [RQ#1585]
  • Added toolbox for Mind Map
  • Added support for icons to mind map nodes
  • New command for M:N ERD relationship - Create Association Entity [RQ#1588]
  • Added support for custom shapes for cells in Table Chart (Infographic diagram)
  • Associated diagram may be added to an element using drag&drop
  • Added missing properties of some elements to Properties sidebar
  • Corner size of UML Comment and Constraint can be adjusted using style
  • Reorganized context menu
  • The size of check of UI Check Box and Radio Button may be adjusted using style (Proportion modifier)
  • Added new source code generation template which adds the support for JavaScript ECMA Script 2015 classes [RQ#1592]
  • New template language command: HasConstructors (UML Class)

Fixed Bugs

  • Added missing line styles to Diagram Properties dialog
  • Fixed adding relationships using Add All Relationships by Model when the default relationship type is set by the last used line style [RQ#1627]
  • Fixed delayed expanding of diagram inline text editor on enter
  • Fixed font in diagram inline editor for text elements (from Drawing group)


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