Rust UML Diagram Tool

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a comprehensive UML tool with robust Rust support. It offers a wide range of functionalities specifically tailored for Rust developers, including Rust type set integration, source code scaffold generation for Rust constructs like structs, enums, and traits, and the ability to reverse-engineer Rust code into UML diagrams. Whether you're looking to design and model your software architecture using UML diagrams, flowcharts, or NSD diagrams, Software Ideas Modeler is your go-to solution.

  • Generate Rust source code scaffolds directly from UML diagrams.
  • Reverse-engineer Rust code into comprehensible UML class diagrams.
  • Utilize Rust-specific type sets for accurate modeling.
  • Simplify software architecture design and documentation for Rust projects.
  • Discover additional diagram types such as flowcharts and NSD diagrams for intricate algorithm modeling.

Rust Source Code Scaffold Generation

Leverage UML diagrams to generate Rust source code scaffolds for structs, enums, and traits. This feature not only accelerates the development process but also ensures consistency between design and implementation, facilitating a smooth transition from conceptualization to code.

Reverse Engineering - Rust Code to UML

Transform your existing Rust codebase into clear and navigable UML diagrams. This powerful feature aids in visualizing and understanding the underlying structure of your Rust projects, promoting better analysis, collaboration, and documentation.

Rust-Specific Modeling Features

Our modeler is enriched with Rust-specific functionalities, including a comprehensive Rust type set, to cater to the unique needs of Rust development. This enables you to design your software architecture with utmost accuracy, reflecting the true essence of your Rust applications.

Enhance Your Rust Development Experience

Ready to elevate your Rust project design and understanding? Explore Software Ideas Modeler. With its specialized features for Rust, such as source code scaffold generation, reverse engineering, and a tailored Rust type set, it streamlines your development workflow. Visualize, design, and navigate your Rust architecture with ease.

Other Programming Languages Support

Software Ideas Modeler also provides comprehensive support for other programming languages, including: