Generation Sidebar

The generation sidebar helps you with source code generation in various languages. You can generate source code for the current diagram or the selected elements.

There are two ways how to show the Generation sidebar:

  • Clicking on Generation button ( ) in the sidebar.
  • Using menu View / Sidebars / Generation

The type of generation output can be adjusted using two drop-down lists in the top tool strip. The first one allows us to change the output source code language (e.g. C#), and the second one contains all available templates for this language (e.g. Default).

The supported programming languages are:

'Generate From' Group

The output can be generated from:

  • whole diagram - the source code will be generated for all elements (which are supported in the chosen template) on the current diagram
  • selected elements - the source code will be generated for all selected elements, which are supported in the chosen template

'Generate' Button

If you want to generate a source code by chosen settings (source code language, template, generate from), click on Generate button.

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