Source Code Linking, Improved Hierarchy Generation, Better Screen Flow Diagram and More in Version 13.40

Discover more than fifty improvements in the new Software Ideas Modeler 13.40. Screen Flow Diagram supports more design options. You can navigate from reverse-engineered elements to its source code. Generated hierarchy diagrams have more layout options. The new version also includes many user interface improvements and various fixes.

Source Code Navigation

Reverse engineering was improved and it includes source code location information. It allows you to navigate to the source code of the reverse-engineered element. You can right-click on the element, attribute, or operation and choose to Navigate to Source Code from the context menu.

Navigate to source code
Navigate to source code

The Properties dialog got a new tab - Related Elements. It shows you the relationships to other elements in the project.

Related elements information in Properties dialog
Related elements information in Properties dialog

Container Layout Settings

A new dialog with advanced settings of container layout was added. It is available from the container element context menu - Container Layout / Container Layout Options. You can adjust paddings, offsets, directions, and other specific parameters.

Container layout settings dialog
Container layout settings dialog

Hierarchy Diagram Generation

The new Hierarchy Generation dialog contains new settings that allow you to create a hierarchy with perpendicular branches as you can see in the picture below.

New options in hierarchy diagram generation
New options in hierarchy diagram generation

Screen Flow Diagram Improvements

You can set the type of Screen element now. Except for the general type (depicted as a simple rectangle) it also supports other options such as Full Screen, Window, Screen, Smartphone, and Tablet. The Flow connector supports another interaction type - Keyboard and Mouse.

Now you can change the type of the flow much easier from the context menu. If you want to edit shortcut keys for the Keyboard interaction, you can edit them directly in the diagram editor without opening the Properties dialog or sidebar.

Screen Flow Diagram improvements and new options
Screen Flow Diagram improvements and new options

Default Project Settings

Software Ideas Modeler allows you to set the default style set and type set for the new projects. It is useful if you want to have your own corporate style set.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new options of hierarchy diagram generation - perpendicular branches from a defined level of the hierarchy with a specified offset
  • Hierarchy Diagram Generation dialog is open with the diagram type chosen by the active diagram
  • Added Related Elements tab to the Properties dialog
  • Improved prioritizing border and distance snaplines
  • Added new action: Update all reverse-engineered elements
  • Navigation to source code for reverse-engineered elements
  • Added a default style set setting for new projects
  • Added a default type set setting for new projects
  • Table container layout gets dynamic dimensions (previously fixed table layout 3x3)
  • Added screen type attribute to Screen element (Screen Flow Diagram) with these possible options General / FullScreen / Window / Screen / Smartphone / Tablet
  • Added new interaction type Keyboard and Mouse to the Flow (in Screen Flow Diagram)
  • Added support to hyphens in shortcut keys definitions in Screen Flow Diagram
  • Shortcut keys for keyboard interaction in Flow can be edited directly in the diagram editor (Screen Flow Diagram)
  • Improved mouse icon rendering for Flows in Screen Flow Diagram
  • Improved moving interaction icon for Flows in Screen Flow Diagrams
  • Added context actions for Screen Flow Diagram elements
  • Added displaying of Flow connector names
  • Added parameter for an indirect supervisor to Org Chart connectors
  • Adjusted container nesting area for UML Component
  • Added support for caption alignment to UI Group Box (User Interface Diagram)
  • Improved window with element references - diagrams with a single reference are collapsed, and the references are numbered and ordered by their location on the diagram
  • Adjusting view when the focused field is out of the visible area in the Options dialog
  • Rendering focus rectangle to focused drop-downs in the Options dialog
  • Improved amount setter appearance
  • Improved UI Toolbar container nesting bounds
  • UI Toolbar is inserted with left-to-right stack container layout by default
  • Improved JavaScript syntax highlight (added support for JS Doc keywords and some others)
  • Lock action added into the Arrange group in the ribbon Home tab
  • New Diagram by Selection action in the context menu was moved to the Diagrams submenu
  • Visibility and Modifiers submenus in the context menu were merged together
  • Simpler context menus - context menu was further optimized to not show items that are unnecessary in the current situation
  • Improved UI Field List appearance
  • Custom field captions for UI Field List - editing directly in the diagram editor
  • The pasted element is slightly offset if the same element would be covered
  • Actions 'Set default element type style' and 'Set default stereotype style' are available from the quick action box
  • Presentation content overview is open after inserting a new presentation to the project
  • Drag & drop elements from the project tree to the documentation (in the Documentation sidebar) as references
  • The actions Add Document and Add Resource Item were added to the ribbon and menu
  • Improved document editor appearance
  • Improved Insert ribbon tab
  • Added support for tagged values to enumeration items

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed default shortcut keys for Lock action from CTRL+L to CTRL+SHIFT+L (there was a conflict with Left alignment)
  • Fixed rendering text for combo box to not overlap the button part
  • Fixed generating constructors for TypeScript with the default source code template
  • Fixed missing interface stereotype for interfaces inserted using Add Sub Interfaces and Add Super Interface buttons in the context bar
  • Fixed removing element owner using Properties dialog for pasted elements
  • Fixed application crash when trying to incorporate an element to a vertical connector
  • Fixed alternate style editing using the Style sidebar
  • Fixed application crash on start when the user settings file data are corrupted for any reason
  • Fixed incorrect position of the floating ribbon bar for the collapsed ribbon for higher DPI resolutions
  • Fixed deleting documentation sections
  • Fixed parsing types with global:: prefix in C# code
  • Fixed layout of some windows for higher DPI
  • Fixed SVG export when the application is running with a higher DPI


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