Elaborate Your Ideas with 2024-Ready Diagramming Tool - Software Ideas Modeler 14.10

Software Ideas Modeler, the renowned diagramming and modeling software, has released its latest update, version 14.10, packed with a host of new features and improvements. This update focuses on enhancing user experience, adding flexibility, and introducing innovative tools that cater to a wide range of diagramming needs.

As we step into the new year, it's time to unveil the latest advancements in diagramming technology with the release of Software Ideas Modeler 14.10.

2023 was a remarkable year for us, we released 14 impactful versions, including the major version 14.00. We have implemented hundreds of improvements, each meticulously designed to enhance the user experience and expand the capabilities of our software.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation brought many enhancements in user interface design, functionality, and overall performance. These updates not only refined the existing features but also introduced new ones, keeping us at the forefront of diagramming solutions.

Software Ideas Modeler will continue to evolve also in 2024, and empower professionals across various domains. Our goal for this year is to even accelerate the pace of innovation. We are committed to exploring new frontiers in the diagramming world, ensuring that our tool remains versatile, intuitive, and, most importantly, ahead of its time.

Let's welcome Software Ideas Modeler 14.10, the first version of this year. With each new update, we work hard to make our software not just meet but anticipate the needs of our users. Here, we present the top features of the latest update.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.10 - grid container layout presented
Software Ideas Modeler 14.10 - grid container layout presented

Key New Features and Enhancements

  • Grid Container Layout: This new layout option introduces a grid-based structure for organizing diagram elements. It allows users to place and align elements within a grid framework, providing a cleaner and more structured layout. This feature introduces a grid-based system that can be used in container elements in any diagram but it is especially practical for organizing and aligning UI elements within the panels and windows in the user interface diagrams.
  • Customizable Table Layout: The enhanced table layout feature now allows users to adjust the size of individual rows and columns. This means that users have greater control over the presentation of data and elements within a container with the table layout.
  • Insert Element Option in Toolbox: This new option simplifies the process of adding elements to diagrams, making the toolbox more intuitive and efficient.
  • Enhanced Active Filter Bar: The improvements to the active filter bar are particularly significant for users who work with large and complex diagrams. The ability to see the active filter name at a glance, reapply previous filters, and edit existing filters directly from the bar, streamlines the workflow significantly.
  • Copy Layout Container via Drag & Drop: This new drag-and-drop functionality is a game-changer for efficiency. Users can now quickly replicate a container layout from one container to another. This is particularly useful in scenarios where a specific layout arrangement works well and needs to be used consistently across multiple parts of the diagram. It eliminates the need to manually recreate the layout, saving time and ensuring uniformity.
  • Enhanced Drag & Drop for Documentation: The improved drag-and-drop functionality for adding references to documentation streamlines the process of creating comprehensive and interconnected documentation. Users can now easily drag elements from their diagram directly into the documentation editor. This is particularly useful for linking various parts of the model to their corresponding descriptions, making the documentation process more intuitive and interconnected.
  • New Table View in Style List: This view offers an alternative way to display styles, providing more information in a condensed format.
  • Improved Navigation: Key navigation has been added to both the layer list and style list, enhancing user accessibility.
  • Search Box in Style List: A new search box makes finding specific styles faster and more efficient.
  • XOR Groups in ER Diagrams: An advanced feature for database modelers, XOR groups have been introduced in ER entities.
  • Weight Parameter in UML Flows: The addition of a weight parameter to UML Object Flow and UML Control Flow offers more detailed control over these elements. In your UML Activity diagrams, the weight parameter can now be specified, either through the Properties dialog or directly within the diagram editor.
  • Change Orientation for UML Fork/Join: A new context bar button allows for easy orientation changes in UML Fork/Join elements.
  • Dynamic Element References Window: This window now automatically adjusts its size, improving usability and interaction.
  • Unified Rounding for Rounded Rectangles: Holding the SHIFT key now adjusts all corners of a rounded rectangle simultaneously.
  • UI Progress Bar Padding Style: Users can now apply padding styles to UI Progress Bars, enhancing their visual appeal and consistency.

Release Notes

New Features

  • Added Grid container layout
  • Added row and column size customization to the table layout
  • Added Insert Element option to the toolbox context menu
  • Improved active filter bar
    • Displaying active filter name
    • Reapply the active filter
    • Edit the active filter
  • Added new drag&drop action - copy the layout container
  • Added new table view to the style list
  • Added key navigation to layer list and style list
  • Added search box to style list
  • Added Xor groups to ER entities (ER diagram)
  • Added Weight parameter to UML Object Flow and UML Control Flow
  • Added Change Orientation context bar button for UML Fork/Join
  • Element References windows automatically change their size after expanding the nodes within the tree
  • Applying the Padding style to the UI Progress Bar
  • Improved element drag&drop (using the right mouse button) to allow dragging elements to the documentation sidebar editor and adding references
  • Adjust all rounded corners in the rounded rectangle at once (holding the SHIFT key)
  • Added context menu to element picker dialog

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when adding a new diagram template
  • Fixed undo for accepted or rejected tracked changes
  • Fixed setting diagram background color in the Diagram Properties dialog
  • Fixed showing Model Navigator for diagrams with multiple relationships between two elements
  • Fixed displaying self-relationships in Model Navigator
  • Fixed highlighting self-relationships direction as output, added third color for input-output relationships
  • Fixed size of floating editor windows (Documentation, Associated Diagrams, Element References, Data) for multi-DPI configurations
  • Fixed placing ports, pins, and activity parameters added using the context bar
  • Fixed incorrect rotation after moving an element from a rotated container
  • Fixed element content layout of a rotated container with a non-simple container layout
  • Fixed missing Export to/Draw.io menu item in the menu interface
  • Fixed importing and exporting from/to draw.io format
  • Fixed copying style to a group of groups of elements
  • Fixed check box and radio button layout for non-standard proportion modifiers and paddings
  • Fixed application crash when selecting a link in the text editor
  • Fixed inserting pictures and tables into the text editor in the documentation sidebar
  • Fixed restrictions for corner adjusting of rounded, snipped, and inverted rounded rectangles


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