Software Ideas Modeler 14.40: A Closer Look at New Features and Enhancements

Software Ideas Modeler continues to evolve with its latest release, version 14.40, bringing a series of significant updates and improvements that enhance its usability and functionality for developers and designers.

With more than 40 improvements, this release focuses on expanding code generation capabilities, refining user interface and diagram interactions, and fixing known bugs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s new and improved.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.40
Software Ideas Modeler 14.40

Enhanced Clipboard Operations

One of the key updates in version 14.40 is the enhanced support for clipboard operations. Users can now perform clipboard operations specifically tailored for fields such as attributes and operations. This feature simplifies the process of copying and pasting within projects, allowing users to efficiently duplicate and reuse existing elements across their models.

Advanced Code Generation

This release introduces significant enhancements in code generation, particularly for C++ developers. C++ code generation for UML Protocol State Machines is now supported, along with the inclusion of destructors in C++ source code generation. This broadens the tool’s application in software development projects and aligns with modern C++ programming practices.

User Interface and Diagramming Enhancements

The update significantly improves the workflow for User Interface Diagrams, ERD Chen Diagrams, and Screen Flow Diagrams by enabling actions to be applied to multiple selected elements simultaneously. This bulk-editing feature saves time and increases efficiency, particularly when working on complex diagrams.

Moreover, the creation of Chen ERD Relationships and the positioning of various diagram elements have been refined. A new context bar action now allows users to create Parent Loop Fragments for multiple selected execution occurrences or sequence messages, streamlining complex diagram setups.

Usability Improvements

The release enhances the Element Browser with better repository-level icons. It also introduces alphabetical ordering for elements in the reference box, which simplifies the search and selection process within diagrams. Improvements in rendering performance for Screen Flow Diagrams and the addition of multiple row selections in the grid are also notable, including the ability to cancel these selections with the ESC key.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Version 14.40 addresses numerous bugs that enhance the stability and reliability of the software. Fixes range from minor UI glitches like visibility issues in grid edit boxes to critical errors that caused application crashes during certain operations. These fixes ensure a smoother and more reliable experience for all users.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for clipboard operations for fields (attributes, operations, etc.)
  • Added C++ code generation for UML Protocol State Machines
  • Actions for User Interface Diagram elements can now be applied to multiple selected elements
  • Actions for ERD Chen diagram elements can now be applied to multiple selected elements
  • Actions for Screen Flow Diagram elements can now be applied to multiple selected elements
  • Added a new context bar action: Create Parent Loop Fragment for multiple selected execution occurrences or sequence messages
  • Improved the generated text for copied elements (comments, control flows)
  • Improved the positioning of inserted design patterns
  • Chen ERD Relationship creation using the context bar now uses the tool's default size for this element kind
  • Improved the positioning of Chen ERD Relationships created using the context bar
  • Enhanced repository-level icons in the Element Browser window
  • Multiple row selections in the grid can now be canceled with the ESC key
  • Added support for destructors to C++ source code generation [RQ#2738]
  • Added new template commands for UML Classes: HasDestructors, Destructors
  • Elements in the reference box are ordered alphabetically
  • Only relevant elements are offered in the Referenced Element drop-down for the Flow (Screen Flow Diagram) in the Properties sidebar/dialog
  • Improved rendering performance for Screen Flow Diagrams
  • Operations can be assigned to UML Protocol Transitions using drag and drop
  • Added support for auto-complete to UML Protocol Transitions
  • Added more keywords to C++ syntax highlighting

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue with loading/saving triggers
  • Fixed an issue where the edit box for new grid rows was not visible when scrolled
  • Fixed an application crash when rendering some charts
  • Fixed unconnected relationships for inserted design patterns
  • Fixed the application getting stuck after cycling through the list of design patterns
  • Fixed the missing "Include in Project" button in the Brainstorming window
  • Fixed the issue with not updating the text of the Brainstorming session after closing the window
  • Fixed the rendering of element icons in the Brainstorming window
  • Fixed the rendering of the Identified Elements control in the Brainstorming window for higher DPIs
  • Fixed the missing WPF template for source code generation
  • Fixed issues with loading some SVG files
  • Fixed an application crash in custom diagrams with connectors
  • Fixed the Custom Diagram Size form scaling
  • Fixed showing bounds of the diagram when the Show Borders setting is enabled
  • Fixed doubled context menu items for Screen elements in the Screen Flow Diagram
  • Fixed application crash when typing into a reference element box and it contains an element with an empty name
  • Fixed moving container with Move command
  • Fixed position of rotation and move grip to not intersect with snap points
  • Fixed moving group within the container
  • Fixed showing Guard property for Protocol Transition in the properties
  • Fixed loading operations for UML Protocol Transition
  • Fixed missing source code sections for individual operations in UML State
  • Fixed repainting the tab bar when dragging an object over the tabs
  • Fixed some issues in C# Protocol State Machine code template


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