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Generate Documentation chrashes

In the actual version 7.46 (64bit) if I start the generation of the documentation the application stops working and gets stuck. In older versions 6.x it works. is this a known problem, as I experi...
1 July 2014 22:24:55, Markus, comments: 5, last comment: 7 July 2014 16:44:36

State Diagrams: slash showing for transition when not desired

I see no way of turning off the slash on a Transition when there is no Behavior Expression specified. I think that this is a bug. If not, please tell me how to get rid of those slashes! I'm usin...
1 June 2014 2:19:53, Adrian Kole, comments: 2, last comment: 3 June 2014 0:17:11

Class diagram: Option to show missing classes, associations

As a modeler, when I drag classes and associations from one diagram to a new diagram, I would like to be able to add/show a missing class when I select an association, and a missing association whe...
15 May 2014 15:26:25, MR, comments: 3, last comment: 15 May 2014 17:12:29

Class diagram: Arrange feature needs work

All of the auto-arrange commands produce bad arrangements, ranging from lines crossing the classes to a jumbled mess. For large class diagrams, auto-arrange is a must. After using the auto-arrang...
13 May 2014 18:50:13, MR, comments: 2, last comment: 15 May 2014 15:15:43

Change of Edition

Can I change by upper-grade-license edition after buying lower-grade-license edition, e.g. from Professional edition to Ultimate edition? If I can, how much money I must pay?
26 March 2014 7:09:46, Tomohisa Iwanaga, comments: 2, last comment: 26 March 2014 9:37:17

Japanese Input Method

I want to use Japanese Input Method (IM) at all "Document" fields in this application, but I can't (in other fields I can use IM directly). I can copy&paste Japanese sentences in "Document" field ...
25 March 2014 4:05:52, Tomohisa Iwanaga, comments: 3, last comment: 25 March 2014 11:15:37

Login Account

How do I log in this forum?
25 March 2014 2:37:10, Tomohisa Iwanaga, comments: 2, last comment: 25 March 2014 11:13:10

Requirement ID's

For requirements numbering and other types of automatic numbering - it looks like the system creates the auto id but also provides the ability for another user generated id. In the snapshot (can't ...
23 March 2014 20:49:27, Carl Edwards, comments: 1, last comment: 23 March 2014 21:25:13

Associating elements from different models

Associating elements I read the tutorial on how to associate elements from different diagrams. (Associated diagrams and relationships between their elements). The instructions made use of pac...
23 March 2014 20:42:48, Carl Edwards, comments: 1, last comment: 23 March 2014 21:33:37

How can I copy/paste a diagram across models?

We are working with a colleague on two refinements of the same model in parallel and frequently need to exchange different versions of the same diagram in a so-called "trunk" version of the model. ...
17 March 2014 14:03:46, ALTEN-Technology GmbH, comments: 1, last comment: 17 March 2014 16:36:04

Code generation not available

In the manual it says that under "Tools" in the menu bar there should be something like "Generate source code". However all I see is "Lists", "Helpers" and "Options". I added a class diagram for ...
13 March 2014 10:56:08, Matt, comments: 1, last comment: 13 March 2014 11:09:05

Editing built in element styles.

How do I edit a Project's style set so as to change the display of all elements of a specific type? For example: Drop several objects of type Comment on a diagram. Open Project->Style Set->E...
10 January 2014 14:49:15, Neutrino, comments: 4, last comment: 13 January 2014 10:55:20

Entity Relationship & SQL Types

If I create a new project and create an entity relationship diagram, with the intent of using it for database definition, it does not have the standard SQL types available for attribute definition....
2 November 2013 0:43:31, Chris Sonon, comments: 2, last comment: 3 November 2013 0:01:45

Attach/Insert Document

We typically have PDF (or other) documentation that defines the statement of work based on the information constructed in a project. Is there a way to attach or insert that document into the projec...
1 November 2013 14:58:26, Chris Sonon, comments: 2, last comment: 1 November 2013 16:01:37

Sequence Diagram - Object lost Operation/method

Hi. i create a class B with a method/operation "DoSomething".I make a sequence diagram with this class. So, i create a call from the class A to B; select the method listed ("DoSomething"). Save an...
30 October 2013 2:36:44, Federico, comments: 3, last comment: 1 November 2013 15:06:50