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import Python code FAILS

I tried importing the base folder of package and it produced this error, with no indication of how to fix it. This looks like a Dot.Net error. System.NullReferenceException: Object referenc...
5 March 2023 20:21:02, Rich Dev, comments: 0, last comment:

Import C Source Code

Hi I am evaluating Ideas Modeler and would like to reverse engineer my C code for documentation purpose. However importing it does not work as expected. When I import a bunch of files in a subdire...
24 February 2023 8:29:36, Ludwig, comments: 1, last comment: 24 February 2023 17:40:22

How to rotate text in Component Diagram

Hello, I have created a simple box of text in my component diagram but would like to rotate it 90 degrees so it is read from top to bottom along a dashed vertical line I have inserted in my draw...
8 February 2023 15:12:54, Matt Connor, comments: 2, last comment: 8 February 2023 21:31:42

Hierachically Folder Structure Documentation Generator

I have a hierachically folder structure of my project with subfolders. But when i generate the documentation, the subfolders will be handeld as folders on the same level. Example: Folder 1 ...
6 February 2023 12:47:09, Christian S., comments: 2, last comment: 8 February 2023 15:29:56

.simp file corruption

Hello, when i tried to open one of my project i have this error message : System.NullReferenceException: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. à SoftwareIdeasModeler...
3 February 2023 1:07:42, ThierryV, comments: 2, last comment: 8 February 2023 15:31:27

Use case custom properties

Is it possible to add a custom property/field to use case definition and be able to fill it in all use cases? For example similar to precondition and postcondition, add alternative condition for in...
20 January 2023 5:35:01, Anas, comments: 1, last comment: 21 January 2023 16:55:51

Double Shape

Is there a way to create double-struck shapes? e.g.
12 January 2023 5:45:45, Pavel, comments: 1, last comment: 12 January 2023 23:07:09

Filters on attributes stereotypes

Hello, how to write a filter to be able to show only attributes with stereotype 'property' in a class diagram (with packages/classes/relationships ...). Thanks a lot for your help
29 November 2022 11:20:15, Yannick, comments: 3, last comment: 21 June 2023 12:33:22

Export list of objects in text format?

Is there a simple way to export the objects (of a certain type, or filterable) in the diagram to a list? For instance: in a use case diagram in like to generate a list of all use cases and maybe al...
10 November 2022 16:23:32, De Ruiter Automatiseringsdiensten, comments: 2, last comment: 11 November 2022 14:00:52

How do I change the font color of the text of class members?

How do I change the font color of the text of class members? How do I change the text color of class members? It seems to me that the text is too faded (dim, non-contrasting).
24 October 2022 9:51:41, Ivan, comments: 1, last comment: 24 October 2022 18:36:43

Perform reverse engineering of the entire solution

I am studying the project: The project consists of layers (projects): - Northwind.Model (.NET Framework 4.8, dll); - Northwin...
24 October 2022 9:40:32, Ivan, comments: 1, last comment: 24 October 2022 19:18:45

How to make the diagram properly structured?

I am studying the project: Layers: - Northwind.Model (.NET Framework 4.8, dll); - Northwind.UI.WPF (.NET Framework 4.8, Appl Windows)...
23 October 2022 17:48:30, Ivan, comments: 1, last comment: 23 October 2022 18:46:21

Restore Project Backup dialog

Sometimes when I have closed the program without errors the next time I open the same project I get a dialog titled "Restore Project Backup" with the question "There are unsaved changes from the la...
28 September 2022 15:49:35, De Ruiter Automatiseringsdiensten, comments: 1, last comment: 28 September 2022 16:14:44

How can I deploy the Model to the data base?

Hi, I am evaluating the tool, and I have finished the data model. I created the connection to the database, but when I press the 'Generate' button, it creates the code. I would like to see how the ...
21 September 2022 0:11:20, Michael Mezquita, comments: 2, last comment: 30 September 2022 22:36:56

Install on Ubuntu Linux

... succeeded, but fails to run. Using Ubuntu 22.04, last version of mono. Installing mono-devel instead of libmono-winforms2.0-cil, as suggested by the shell: "Package libmono-winforms2.0-cil is n...
30 August 2022 12:08:20, Airy Magnien, comments: 1, last comment: 31 August 2022 14:12:56