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Feature Model diagrams

Does Software Ideas Modeler support Feature model diagraming with mandatory, optional, alternative and OR connectors?
7 December 2023 20:53:22, Mark, comments: 1, last comment: 8 December 2023 9:37:13

ERD, arc

Is it possible to add an arc in an ERD diagram? To indicate an OR relationship.
17 October 2023 16:00:45, Karel Auwerda, comments: 2, last comment: 30 October 2023 16:28:55

Test License Ideas Server 14.02

Hello, Hello, We are currently testing your software for our company. We are happy with your software, but can not test your Ideas Server 14.02. We need to test Ideas Server 14.02 before we c...
11 October 2023 11:26:07, Matti, comments: 1, last comment: 11 October 2023 12:17:19

Reverse order of activity diagram

Is there a simple way to reverse the order of an activity diagram? I have the flow of a lights on sequence. Lights off is just the reverse. Specifically, first on will be the last off.
16 September 2023 23:15:17, Ralph Reinhold, comments: 1, last comment: 17 September 2023 22:45:11

Private members in UML diagram

Hi, When importing c++ code and converting it to a class diagram. All private members are not shown in the diagram. Is it possible to also show the private members?
8 June 2023 15:34:32, Roel, comments: 2, last comment: 8 June 2023 23:09:51

Generation of Python code

Hi there, how can I generate the imperative part of python code from Activity Diagrams or State Charts? I see how Class Diagram data is taken to create all the headers and the body area, either...
2 June 2023 17:19:56, Michael Gellner, comments: 1, last comment: 2 June 2023 22:57:06

reverse engineering

hi, i want to generate sequence diagram from source code. what is the process please explain my query as soon as possible as i have a review on this topic tommorow morning. i have installed the lat...
21 May 2023 18:03:02, nithin, comments: 1, last comment: 21 May 2023 22:15:19

unexpected quit

if I open the attribute editor from a SYSML-block and change the "Default Value" by entering text in the field, the modeler stops to work and quit unexpected. All not saved data are lost.
28 March 2023 13:31:46, Bruno Jenni, comments: 3, last comment: 5 June 2023 21:54:36

import Python code FAILS

I tried importing the base folder of package and it produced this error, with no indication of how to fix it. This looks like a Dot.Net error. System.NullReferenceException: Object referenc...
5 March 2023 20:21:02, Rich Dev, comments: 0, last comment:

Import C Source Code

Hi I am evaluating Ideas Modeler and would like to reverse engineer my C code for documentation purpose. However importing it does not work as expected. When I import a bunch of files in a subdire...
24 February 2023 8:29:36, Ludwig, comments: 1, last comment: 24 February 2023 17:40:22

How to rotate text in Component Diagram

Hello, I have created a simple box of text in my component diagram but would like to rotate it 90 degrees so it is read from top to bottom along a dashed vertical line I have inserted in my draw...
8 February 2023 15:12:54, Matt Connor, comments: 2, last comment: 8 February 2023 21:31:42

Hierachically Folder Structure Documentation Generator

I have a hierachically folder structure of my project with subfolders. But when i generate the documentation, the subfolders will be handeld as folders on the same level. Example: Folder 1 ...
6 February 2023 12:47:09, Christian S., comments: 2, last comment: 8 February 2023 15:29:56

.simp file corruption

Hello, when i tried to open one of my project i have this error message : System.NullReferenceException: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. à SoftwareIdeasModeler...
3 February 2023 1:07:42, ThierryV, comments: 2, last comment: 8 February 2023 15:31:27

Use case custom properties

Is it possible to add a custom property/field to use case definition and be able to fill it in all use cases? For example similar to precondition and postcondition, add alternative condition for in...
20 January 2023 5:35:01, Anas, comments: 1, last comment: 21 January 2023 16:55:51

Double Shape

Is there a way to create double-struck shapes? e.g.
12 January 2023 5:45:45, Pavel, comments: 1, last comment: 12 January 2023 23:07:09
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