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Reverse engineering

i'm trying to make a class diagram in software ideas modeller v.6.20 with reverse engineering and i can't fint the option to do so. Has this option been removed in newer versions? if not could you ...
23 June 2013 12:48:53, Thomas, comments: 1, last comment: 23 June 2013 13:59:40

Cannot open SIMP file

Yesterday, I created a sequence diagram using Software Ideas Modeler, but when i try to open it I get this error message and the file does not open: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundExcepti...
18 June 2013 14:57:04, Martine, comments: 1, last comment: 18 June 2013 15:19:03

Which diagram type?

The diagram at explains the syntax of the CREATE TABLE statement in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. The author calls it a railroad diagr...
9 June 2013 0:18:25, Test User, comments: 4, last comment: 12 June 2013 23:27:18

XMI export/import

I tried to export to XMI and import to an empty project, got the following error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SoftwareIdeasModeler...
5 June 2013 13:12:19, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 3, last comment: 6 June 2013 23:40:44


Hello, sorry for this basic question, but how can we create a new BPMN diagram? Thanks in advance. Best regards.
5 June 2013 9:10:30, pyb, comments: 3, last comment: 28 June 2013 17:12:01

Package diagram and styles

I've done a package diagram, but I can't get the style set to apply to any but one package element? Wanted the Simple style but all package elements shows like Default except one of them, which is ...
20 May 2013 13:52:53, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 6, last comment: 24 May 2013 23:00:42

How to model SysML viewpoints

It seems as if the package diagram lacks a symbol for viewpoint? Or is there another way of creating viewpoint declarations?
17 May 2013 20:18:28, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 1, last comment: 19 May 2013 22:06:28

How to open a related diagram

It appears as it is not possible to jump to an associated diagram by clicking or double-clicking in any other object type but the sd fragment in sequence diagrams?
17 May 2013 7:55:02, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 1, last comment: 17 May 2013 16:05:02

How to add page break in documentation

How do I add a page break in documentation? I guess this is one of the Custom Commands, but I can't find any information about these anywhere
16 May 2013 7:21:45, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 2, last comment: 16 May 2013 23:26:03

BUG: Adding model changes project name

URGENT: When I add a new model, the name of the project becomes changed to the name of the most recently created diagram
8 May 2013 13:38:41, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 1, last comment: 8 May 2013 23:46:42

SysML requirements diagram connector problem

After add numerous instances of Containment set to rectangular, all of a sudden they start to be straight lines although their property is set to rectangular?
8 May 2013 12:51:46, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 2, last comment: 8 May 2013 18:03:56

SysML requirements, no id or text propertyies?

According to some of the documents I found at the SysML website, it seems there should be properties for id and requirement texts. No such properties in the requirements diagram of SIM though. Perh...
6 May 2013 12:26:19, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 1, last comment: 6 May 2013 23:06:57

SysML requirements diagram, no table view?

In order to use table view it seems that I must use the Other diagrams->Requirements diagram, because I can't find a way to toggle the SysML requirements diagram between table and diagram views?
3 May 2013 14:05:56, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 3, last comment: 8 July 2014 21:11:47

64-bit 6.10 installation fails

I get the message that access is denied (code 5) to SoftwareIdeasModeler.Core.dll. Had to roll back installation
22 April 2013 10:11:22, Tomas Sandkvist, comments: 3, last comment: 23 April 2013 10:58:34

User manuals

What happened to the user manuals?
4 April 2013 10:39:40, Edvard Helling, comments: 3, last comment: 1 July 2013 1:41:31