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UNSIGNED Attribute

Is it possible to add an UNSIGNED attribute to an MySQL Datatype? E.g: ID_CustomerName MEDIUMINT() UNSIGNED AUTO_INCREMENT , so that it gets included in the DDL- script? Thanks in advance! R...
19 March 2021 19:29:45, Charles U Schneiter, comments: 2, last comment: 20 March 2021 13:25:02

How to create sql DDL for SQLite

I think it is create to be able to create entities in the ERD with SQLite type, though how to I utilize that when generating SQL DDL? The product is not clearly stating the SQL DDL being generat...
17 January 2021 22:28:52, John Ferris, comments: 1, last comment: 18 January 2021 14:10:04

How to choose export folder while exporting image

The output folder list in the Export Settings dialog only lists a few paths and does not have a browse option. Very very frustrating...
11 December 2020 21:09:08, Michael Denczek, comments: 1, last comment: 11 December 2020 22:24:50

Can not load Project

I brought a project for StarUML as XMI and could import it and save it as a .simp file but the latter is not loadable. Symptons: System.ArgumentException: Cannot resolve input-pin type. em ...
2 December 2020 21:59:46, Ramiro Carvalho, comments: 4, last comment: 4 December 2020 23:04:14

Different questions

I don't want to create many different threads for some small questions so I will add them here if you don't mind. 1) How to make a weak entity in idef1x ER diagram? It is an entity with the roun...
10 October 2020 17:44:17, SplinterX, comments: 3, last comment: 14 October 2020 20:36:03

set class visibility on public by default

hi i would like set class visibility on public by default permanetly how do this?
23 August 2020 9:13:33, fr016, comments: 2, last comment: 29 August 2020 13:59:32

DFD data details

Is there any way that I can attach some kind of data dictionary to the dataflow arrows and to the data stores in a data flow diagram? I want to give extra info on what data attributes are in the...
22 June 2020 14:14:01, Werner, comments: 1, last comment: 23 June 2020 8:31:10

Crash on startup

When attempting to load the 12.61 version under Linux the following happens at the loading screen: System.TypeLoadException: Failure has occurred while loading a type. at SoftwareIdeasModeler...
7 May 2020 18:46:18, Sean Walker, comments: 2, last comment: 12 May 2020 8:08:48

C++ Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering fails when C++ typedefs are in the file. Example: typedef struct MY_STRUCT { string strValue; int nVal; } MY_STRUCT; Changing to a class works: class MY_...
6 May 2020 16:22:27, Michael Denczek, comments: 2, last comment: 12 May 2020 8:09:51

Importing a .Net assembly does not produce any diagram

Hi I was just checking a reverse engineering feature you have in the professional edition, the ability to import .NET assemblies. I am trying to import a .dll file that comes from a package that wa...
8 April 2020 15:26:25, Malcolm Swart, comments: 3, last comment: 9 April 2020 15:44:59

Information Flow Diagrams attributes become blank

While working with information flow diagrams and adding Information Items, adding a attribute with some text to the object seems fine. The problem occurs when I exit the application and return to m...
2 April 2020 12:43:35, Malcolm Swart, comments: 4, last comment: 8 April 2020 15:22:16

Error message when I click the "add" button in the operations tab

I get the following error message when I try to add a new operation to the properties of a class: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.    at Soft...
20 February 2020 13:05:42, Johnsie, comments: 0, last comment:

need help to arrange a complex class diagram

Hello , I'm working on an existing application project in order to get an overview of the application, I did some retro engineering by generating the package and class diagrams from the source c...
8 February 2020 22:58:03, fr016, comments: 7, last comment: 17 February 2020 12:47:50

image export settings is not saved

hi since 12.01 the image export preference is not saved I have to define each export the background colors je suis sous windows 10 x64 et la version 12.05 here an video https://tinyurl...
8 January 2020 19:12:08, fr016, comments: 5, last comment: 12 January 2020 18:44:10

Quick Access Bar not anymore there?

Hi Dusan After installing v. I miss the Quick Access Bar - it was there in v. 11.101.xx . Did I miss something (have looked in every corner, so to speak, or does this functionality ...
23 December 2019 14:55:06, Charles, comments: 7, last comment: 7 January 2020 7:23:16