State Machine Diagram (UML)

State machine diagram describes states of en entity (device, process, program, software, module, etc.) and transitions between the states. Conditions specifies when a transition from a state to another state may be used.

State machine diagram may be one of two types:

  • Protocol state machine
  • Behavior state machine

The type of state machine diagram can be set using Diagram Properties dialog - State Machine tab.

Overview of State Machine Diagram Elements
Overview of State Machine Diagram Elements

State Machine Elements

Software Ideas Modeler offers tools for following elements of a state machine diagram:

  • Initial Pseudostate
  • Final Pseudostate
  • State
  • Composite State
  • Fork
  • Join
  • Choice
  • Signal Receipt
  • Signal Send
  • Transition
  • Protocol Transition
  • Entry Point
  • Exit Point
  • Deep history
  • Shallow History
  • Terminate Node
  • Junction
  • Frame


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How to change state chart diagram in to graph

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