Object Diagram (UML)

Object diagram is a structural UML diagram. It describes a system or its part at a specific time. It models instances, their values and relationships. It may be use to show examples of data structures.

Software Ideas Modeler offers tools for following elements of an object diagram:

  • Instance Specification (Object)
  • Class
  • Association
  • Generalization
  • Containment

Diagram Example

UML Object Diagram Example
UML Object Diagram Example

Instance Specification

Instance specification represents a snapshot of a class or a structure at a specific time. The instance specification element is linked to a class and its attributes. It specifies values for the particular class attributes. The values may be literals, instances or enumeration items.

Add Attributes to Instance Specification

You may add attribute to an instance specification using the Properties dialog or directly from the diagram editor. Click on 'Add Attribute' button in the context bar (below the selected element) and choose attributes you want to add from the list in the Attributes dialog. This dialog will show only if a classifier is associated with the instance specification. If there is not any classifier specified, an attribute with default name (which you may change) is added to the instance specification.

Add Attributes to Instance Specification
Add Attributes to Instance Specification (UML Object Diagram)

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