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0 Generate SQL code I developed a small database using the Modellers ERD. Beneath problems with the general handling,... Solved 2 August 2017 8 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Documentation exported as Word file or HTML The export of a documentation results in a horribly formatted word document. Headings are for... Confirmed 2 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Export documentation If a previously created documentation is still opened in Word, and then a documentation should be... Solved (in 11.10) 2 August 2017 8 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Using Fast Editor Using the fast editor with ERD is a nightmare. If I add a column with all attributes (type, defau... Solved (in 11.10) 2 August 2017 8 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Include source code in body When I reverse engineer C++ code, the classes are nicely generated from the code. It would be nic... Solved (in 11.10) 20 July 2017 8 August 2017 Nico Verduin Details
0 Sharepoint Integration I'm pushing for work to use SIM and a couple of things are holding it back: First is GIT integ... Solved (in 11.50) 7 July 2017 22 February 2018 Stephen Details
0 MacOS Hi, is there any chance fo a macOS version anytime in the future as me and many others would love... Solved (in 11) 25 April 2017 11 July 2017 Toby Durnford Details
0 MS SQL-Server: Select Schema If you reverse engingeer e.g. a MS SQL-Server Database, all tables and views are shown. It would ... Solved (in 11.53) 24 March 2017 23 April 2018 Stefan Menten Details
0 Associate Element References During the planning phase of a project many diagrams and versions of diagrams are created. These ... Solved 21 February 2017 1 June 2022 Zoltan Megyesi Details
0 Architecture Desing Diagram We use the software for education purposes to create illustrations for example System Design docu... Solved (in 11) 21 February 2017 11 July 2017 Zoltan Megyesi Details
1 Default Line Style Hello, in the options dialog you can set the default line style for diagrams. For example I set... Solved (in 10.65) 9 January 2017 17 January 2017 Malte G Details
0 Better export to PowerPoint Currently I'm using "copy as metafile" to export diagrams to PowerPoint. In PowerPoint, I'd like ... Confirmed 23 December 2016 Mathias Raacke Details
1 FMEA/FTA/ETA/Marcov Hello, beneath SysML engineers use Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Eve... Solved (in 12.50) 3 November 2016 20 April 2020 Michael Gellner Details
0 State Machine transition actions IT would be helpful to be able to add a list custom actions, executed during specified transitions. Solved 2 November 2016 19 August 2021 cmpktheo Details
0 OOHDM one year I bought the license OOHDM since there is as yet none do it and How Is A Method for the ... New 14 October 2016 Roger David Alanes Details
0 My PC Crashed I recently Purchase your product (which is awesome by the way, I stopped using visio completely).... Solved 30 September 2016 30 September 2016 Patrick Gartner Details
0 New UI Elements Hi, I love the Software Ideas Modeler, however it would be great if you could add new UI elem... Solved (in 10.50) 5 September 2016 14 November 2016 Krzysztof Gorak Details
0 Requirement diagram - Print Table It will be nice if we could print the table of requests. I tried and I can only print the diagram Solved (in 10.40) 8 June 2016 17 August 2016 Mircea-Daniel Mihoc Details
0 Error when selecting Diagram Paper Size The error details below. I did select send report, but there was no feedback that the report had ... Solved (in 10.01) 26 May 2016 1 June 2016 Richard Brown Details
0 State transition tables For documentary purposes it would be very useful to be able create formatted state transition tab... Solved (in 10.30) 7 March 2016 28 July 2016 Markus Rentschler Details