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0 Requirement diagram - Print Table It will be nice if we could print the table of requests. I tried and I can only print the diagram Solved (in 10.40) 8 June 2016 17 August 2016 Mircea-Daniel Mihoc Details
0 Error when selecting Diagram Paper Size The error details below. I did select send report, but there was no feedback that the report had ... Solved (in 10.01) 26 May 2016 1 June 2016 Richard Brown Details
0 State transition tables For documentary purposes it would be very useful to be able create formatted state transition tab... Solved (in 10.30) 7 March 2016 28 July 2016 Markus Rentschler Details
0 Creating line fan outs impossible I just started using Software Ideas Modeler. It may be my noobness but I'm trying to create a fan... Solved (in 9.20) 29 December 2015 19 January 2016 Big Johnson Details
0 Font size Hello! Default font size in element documentaion (8,25) is too small. Can you enlarge default fo... Solved (in 9.15) 14 December 2015 22 December 2015 Maxim Details
0 Instances in diagrams Hello! How can I have review, where instances of any element are used? Can i see list of diagra... Solved 26 November 2015 21 February 2017 Maxim Details
0 Toolbox and document modality. The toolbox window appears and disappears depending on which window you have selected. E.g. Open ... Solved (in 9.0) 15 July 2015 10 November 2015 Neutrino Details
0 Unify toolbox into sidebar. Most of the Project control and styling panels are unified into the sidebar, except for the toolb... Confirmed 15 July 2015 Neutrino Details
0 Remove giant sidebar tooltip. The Sidebar panel buttons have this one big popup that shows what all the buttons do and which an... Solved (in 9.0) 15 July 2015 10 November 2015 Neutrino Details
0 Position sidebar buttons vertically so you can see them all. Sidebar has a row of buttons above it corresponding to the different panels which it can contain ... Confirmed 15 July 2015 Neutrino Details
0 Instances and independent elements Hello! Is there any way to make instance as independent element? It's usefull, when you need to ... Solved (in 10.40) 13 July 2015 17 August 2016 Maxim Details
0 Sample project structure Hello, It would be great to have for the beginners an example of structure of project supplied... Solved (in 10.00) 19 June 2015 25 May 2016 Patrick FAURE Details
0 Diarams Tabs Hello! I have next suggestion. There can be many opened diarams and models in the progect, so a... Solved (in 8.50) 11 June 2015 30 June 2015 Maxim Details
0 Multiple monitors support It will be great if this awesome application can support multiple monitors like visual studio 201... Solved (in 8.00) 19 May 2015 19 May 2015 Jake Park Details
0 Show relationship direction Hey, I suggest to add the option of show direction to block diagrams and class diagrams. Be... New 2 May 2015 Talal Quider Details
0 Search / filter textbox in project tree One of my SIM projects has grown quite large, so that it is not easy any more to find the diagram... Solved (in 10.00) 24 April 2015 25 May 2016 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Adding Extension to SysML Dear Sir, I would like to get more information about the possibility of collaboration develop... New 18 April 2015 Talal Quider Details
0 Set DefaultLineStyle for AutoPath AutoPath is very useful. It's greate. Hope it can set to default. Confirmed 16 April 2015 SuperShowwei Details
0 forum functions A search feature inside the forum would be very helpful Also the possibility to add pictures (... Confirmed 31 March 2015 behr GmbH Details
0 Free document viewer What about an free Version of SIM with very restricted functions ? Only : load a project and vi... Solved (in 10) 31 March 2015 25 May 2016 behr GmbH Details