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0 No SQL code generated My ER Model cannot generate SQL code. The problem that arises is: Have a SQL file after generat... Solved (in 11.80) 5 September 2018 13 September 2018 FU CHI CHUANG Details
0 Identity_insert for table If in an entity relatioship diagram a table with an identity column is created, and into the defi... Solved (in 11.60) 22 May 2018 15 June 2018 Stefan Menten Details
0 Select a list of available operations in sequence diagrams A block (in SysML) or class (in UML) can have several operations defined. It would be nice if tho... Solved (in 11.55) 1 May 2018 10 May 2018 CEI Details
0 Reverse engineer SQL-Server If I use the reverse engineering to load a database structure from a SQL-Server, nor the field de... Solved (in 11.55) 28 April 2018 10 May 2018 Stefan Menten Details
0 Larger range of default color styles I realized that it is possible to create your own styles, but it would be nice if SIM included a ... Confirmed 10 December 2017 Graham Ermter Details
0 Path&filename in windows title Is ist possible to display the full filename with path inside the windows title like MS Office (b... Solved (in 11.41) 23 November 2017 24 November 2017 behr GmbH Details
0 C++ Class Diagram - Show virtual function with italics Currently, c++ virtual functions in class diagrams don't have any visual indicator differentiatin... Solved (in 11.41) 8 November 2017 24 November 2017 Dustin Lane Details
0 Hebrew\RTL support Hey, I just found out about this amazing piece of software, and I was absolutely blown away by h... Solved (in 11.30) 10 October 2017 25 October 2017 Yarin Details
0 ERD: Pulling relation If you pull a relation from one entity to another, it is asked for the multiplicity of the relati... Solved 16 August 2017 29 March 2020 Stefan Menten Details
0 Issuing Stereotypes I want to issue the stereotypes of an object in a similar way then the tagged values. I tried thi... Solved 16 August 2017 17 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Duplicate a Diagram If I duplicate a diagram into the same model, all objects are copied, even if they are only refer... Solved 16 August 2017 16 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 modification of the comment processing with reverse engineering When generating code, documentation is generated with an '*' at the beginning of a line. When rev... Solved (in 11.17) 15 August 2017 23 August 2017 Nico Verduin Details
0 Issuing TaggedValues in documentaion I started to develop an own template for a documentation project, I'm working on. Works so far, b... Solved 8 August 2017 9 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Generate SQL code I developed a small database using the Modellers ERD. Beneath problems with the general handling,... Solved 2 August 2017 8 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Documentation exported as Word file or HTML The export of a documentation results in a horribly formatted word document. Headings are for... Confirmed 2 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Export documentation If a previously created documentation is still opened in Word, and then a documentation should be... Solved (in 11.10) 2 August 2017 8 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Using Fast Editor Using the fast editor with ERD is a nightmare. If I add a column with all attributes (type, defau... Solved (in 11.10) 2 August 2017 8 August 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Include source code in body When I reverse engineer C++ code, the classes are nicely generated from the code. It would be nic... Solved (in 11.10) 20 July 2017 8 August 2017 Nico Verduin Details
0 Sharepoint Integration I'm pushing for work to use SIM and a couple of things are holding it back: First is GIT integ... Solved (in 11.50) 7 July 2017 22 February 2018 Stephen Details
0 MacOS Hi, is there any chance fo a macOS version anytime in the future as me and many others would love... Solved (in 11) 25 April 2017 11 July 2017 Toby Durnford Details