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0 Editing attributes and operations When editing an existing attribute or operation I don't see any way to complete the edit using th... Solved (in 6.30) 4 July 2013 21 July 2013 Neutrino Details
0 Abstract attributes and operations. Conventionally abstract attributes and operations would be represented by being italicized. I can... Solved (in 6.50) 3 July 2013 1 September 2013 Neutrino Details
0 BPMN2.0 Hello, I need full BPMN2.0 compliant diagram editor software. I wonder why you do not provide ... Solved 28 June 2013 28 June 2013 Stephen Kay Details
0 rectangular line behavior Unfortunately it still dosen work right. SIM should allow me to do this... Solved (in 8.00) 27 June 2013 11 January 2015 SplinterX Details
0 Enhanced view of SysML requirement table To begin, there is no table view in the SysML requirements diagram, but there is in the requireme... Solved (in 13.00) 13 June 2013 6 October 2021 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 Frames in SysML diagrams It appears to me that at least block and internal block diagrams should benefit from having the f... Solved (in 6.30) 10 June 2013 21 July 2013 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 end/start point arrows Redirecting a arrow gives me cramp in my arm/hand. That is caused by the to small start, end and ... Solved (in 6.20) 7 June 2013 10 June 2013 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 multiline 'description' in 'diagram description' I would like to add more text in the description field in the 'diagram description'. I know th... Solved (in 6.20) 7 June 2013 10 June 2013 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 how to edit names If I want to edit elements in a diagram I have sometimes to use F2 and sometimes double click. ... Solved 7 June 2013 19 August 2021 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 Activity Diagram, loop I have a loop in a activity diagram, and for some reason SIM thinks that some of the activities t... Solved (in 6.30) 6 June 2013 21 July 2013 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 block in SysML package diagram It appears to me that in order to describe an import there is a need to be able to show block sym... Solved (in 6.20) 5 June 2013 10 June 2013 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 Javascript Code Importer It would be nice to have a feature that will support the import of javascript files into UML (rev... Solved 20 May 2013 19 August 2021 Femi Ashiru Details
0 Placing a diagram before a model I would like to be able to place a diagram before a model in the project pane. I sometimes mak ov... Rejected 15 May 2013 31 May 2013 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 Ability to resize the Project pane It appears as if the border between Project and Preview cannot be dragged vertically. My list of ... Solved (in 9.0) 3 May 2013 10 November 2015 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 C++ access specifier sections Hello! Great job on the program so far! One suggestion is in the c++ code generation it'd be n... Solved (in 6.15) 21 April 2013 13 May 2013 Patrick Details
0 Sequence Diagram: space insert I have some procedure in a Sequence Diagram. I have to insert a step somewhere in the middle. I ... Solved (in 6.10) 17 April 2013 21 April 2013 Otto Details
0 Warn if Exporting an image will overwrite an existing file Hello, I think it would be safer if SIM has a confirmation dialog for image exports which will... Solved (in 6.10) 17 April 2013 21 April 2013 JKSH Details
0 line behavior why did you make line behavior completly correct as i suggested before. Crow's Foot is still movi... Solved (in 6.10) 15 April 2013 21 April 2013 SplinterX Details
0 Stereotypes 1. When i try to open stereotypes list and edit new stereotype shape, window with default shapes ... Solved (in 6.10) 11 April 2013 21 April 2013 Seba Details
0 Alt fragment The Alt fragment, according to my textbook, includes a horizontal dashed line between the alterna... Solved (in 6.16) 8 April 2013 24 May 2013 Otto Details