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0 Reverse engineering ASP.NET Core controller attributes Would it be possible for the C# reverse engineering parser to parse attributes ProducesResponseTy... Solved (in 12.70) 11 June 2020 16 June 2020 Geri Wolters Details
0 Grafcet action types Dear Dusian There are several types of Grafcet actions. The current action element in Software... Solved (in 12.66) 3 June 2020 4 June 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Standardize label line break Dear Dusan, something I struggle often: Manual line breaks within element labels. When edi... Solved (in 12.60) 4 May 2020 5 May 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Glyph browser Dear Dusan, I havily use iconic fonts, also known as glpyhs in typography. There are libraries... Solved (in 12.60) 27 April 2020 5 May 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Protocol Buffer code generation Dear Dusan, Let me suggest to add protocol buffer code generation support. This is intermedia... Solved (in 12.50) 17 April 2020 20 April 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Support for .NET Core Hi, I'm evaluating a new modeling tool mainly to create UML diagrams from C# source code. I tried... Solved (in 12.48) 3 April 2020 6 April 2020 Björn Details
0 Suggestion to Renumber Element IDs Review > Helpers > Renumber Element IDs now: in "New Numbering zone", selected item click "MOVE... Solved (in 12.45) 11 March 2020 16 March 2020 Mingder Yeh Details
0 reverse engineering C# code incomplete seems because the comments who are not supported take a look to this class, there are missing op... Solved (in 12.15) 23 January 2020 27 January 2020 fr016 Details
0 the new logo is ugly ,pliz restore old logo I find that the old logo is more elegant (the blue ribbon was really original) unlike the current... New 22 December 2019 fr016 Details
0 Xaml Generation From Wireframe Hello, I was on your twitter feed and saw a diagram advocating for MVVM and thought of a usefu... Confirmed 20 November 2019 Mike Details
0 Support for Goal-Oriented Modeling/i* Hi, Could you add support for drawing goal-oriented requirements engineering (GORE) models? Pr... Solved (in 12.00) 21 October 2019 13 December 2019 Joost Schalken-Pinkster Details
0 Multiple suggestions [b]Element Browser[/b] [quote] [b]View > Element Browser[/b] : The element browser doesn't upda... Partially Solved 2 July 2019 Sim18 Details
0 Viewing of Element Properties It would be very useful to be able to dock the Element Properties dialog so that one can select a... Confirmed 30 May 2019 Stef Patten Details
0 Link from variables and methods to diagrams I would like to click on an attribute or operation, or an icon at the side that links to diagrams... Solved (in 12.60) 28 May 2019 5 May 2020 Sim18 Details
0 autorun of parent directory after an image export I think that launching the directory containing the export files after an image export can be con... Solved (in 12.47) 21 May 2019 31 March 2020 fr016 Details
0 increase the default resolution of the image of an export it would be necessary to increase the default resolution of the image of an export currently the... Solved (in 12.47) 18 May 2019 31 March 2020 fr016 Details
0 sense unidirectional association Hello I found a bug in class diagram when doing a unidirectional association by drag and drop b... Solved (in 11.98) 12 April 2019 29 May 2019 fr016 Details
0 Javascript class missing JavaScript code turns UML classes into function instead of creating class the syntax for creatin... Solved (in 12.40) 4 April 2019 5 March 2020 fr016 Details
0 Frames in flowchart diagrams For very large flow charts, it would be nice to be able add a frame with a caption on. I have tri... Solved (in 13.00) 22 March 2019 6 October 2021 Chris Details
0 ER Diagram Feature I know this is a long shot... In an ER Diagram - when creating a n:m relationship between two en... Solved (in 12.40) 12 March 2019 5 March 2020 Buks van Ellewee Details