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0 Code Generation Templates [Feature Suggestion] When editing code generation templates, it would be helpful to be able to be able to preview the ... Solved (in 13.00) 22 June 2021 6 October 2021 Nishant Lalla Details
0 GIT integration Implement GIT integration to generate UML for a repository, with the ability to choose branch/com... Confirmed 12 June 2021 Carsten Feltman Details
0 Visual Studio Extension Implement a Visual Studio extension to generate UML for a Solution, Project or Class directly in ... Confirmed 12 June 2021 Carsten Feltman Details
0 Adding cause-effect graph Hi Dusan, I was wondering if you plan to add cause-effect graphs as well in the future. These ... Solved (in 13.00) 22 April 2021 6 October 2021 Robert P. Details
0 Allowing multiline text in Grafcet actions Dear Dusan, I was wondering if it would be possible to allow multiline texts for Actions in th... Solved 13 April 2021 18 April 2021 Robert P. Details
0 Dart language support Could you please support the Dart language for code generation as well as reverse engineering? ... Solved (in 13.00) 27 March 2021 6 October 2021 fr016 Details
0 Easier way for adding flow properties to Blocks in block definition diagrams Dear Dusan, I was just checking out the block definition diagrams, and I haven't found an easy... Solved (in 12.91) 24 March 2021 6 April 2021 Robert P. Details
0 Adding Petri net diagrams Dear Dusan, I was wondering if you plan to add Petri nets to the available types of diagrams. ... Solved (in 13.00) 23 March 2021 6 October 2021 Robert P. Details
0 Billing I received a notification today that the license has expired. I typically get a bill and just pay... Solved 23 December 2020 17 January 2021 Patrick Gartner Details
0 Layers: Visibility Button Dear SIM Team, I started using the Layer method to structure a mind-map to simulate a collapse... Solved (in 12.84) 1 December 2020 8 December 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Diagram Property Background error Hello, I'm looking for discount 30% and I found one issue or may be need be improve is that the ... Solved (in 12.79) 31 August 2020 22 September 2020 Manh Details
0 Use-Case Diagram / Actors Displaytype It would be great to have the possibility to display Actors in Use Case Diagrams other than just ... Solved (in 12.78) 14 August 2020 24 August 2020 Philipp P. Details
0 unreferenced elements Hi, Over time, my model has grown but it contains a lot of elements that were deleted and are no... Solved (in 12.73) 2 July 2020 6 July 2020 PAE Details
0 Reverse engineering ASP.NET Core controller attributes Would it be possible for the C# reverse engineering parser to parse attributes ProducesResponseTy... Solved (in 12.70) 11 June 2020 16 June 2020 Geri Wolters Details
0 Grafcet action types Dear Dusian There are several types of Grafcet actions. The current action element in Software... Solved (in 12.66) 3 June 2020 4 June 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Standardize label line break Dear Dusan, something I struggle often: Manual line breaks within element labels. When edi... Solved (in 12.60) 4 May 2020 5 May 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Glyph browser Dear Dusan, I havily use iconic fonts, also known as glpyhs in typography. There are libraries... Solved (in 12.60) 27 April 2020 5 May 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Protocol Buffer code generation Dear Dusan, Let me suggest to add protocol buffer code generation support. This is intermedia... Solved (in 12.50) 17 April 2020 20 April 2020 Sebastian Details
0 Support for .NET Core Hi, I'm evaluating a new modeling tool mainly to create UML diagrams from C# source code. I tried... Solved (in 12.48) 3 April 2020 6 April 2020 Björn Details
0 Suggestion to Renumber Element IDs Review > Helpers > Renumber Element IDs now: in "New Numbering zone", selected item click "MOVE... Solved (in 12.45) 11 March 2020 16 March 2020 Mingder Yeh Details