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0 Background color for "copy as bitmap" When I copy a part of a diagram as bitmap, the background color of this bitmap is gray. I would l... Solved (in 6.86) 13 February 2014 3 March 2014 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Open model from SharePoint We use a SharePoint document library to stroe our SWIM documents. To edit a document, I first nee... Solved (in 11.50) 7 February 2014 22 February 2018 Mathias Raacke Details
0 High DPI Support I use SIM on my Retina Macbook Pro via Parallels and it would be nice if SIM had high DPI support. Solved (in 7.00) 6 February 2014 14 April 2014 Patrick Details
0 Data Modeling IDEF1X Diagram Support Solved (in 7.00) 26 January 2014 14 April 2014 Patrick Details
0 Locking element to protect against moving it Sometimes i move the Swimlane accidently while editing my activity diagram. I was looking for a ... Confirmed 19 November 2013 Dennis Klos Details
0 support "white box" component elements SIM should support additional features of component diagrams, as specified in the UML specificati... Solved (in 9.15) 15 November 2013 22 December 2015 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Adding interfaces to components should be easier Adding an interface to a component in a way that looks nice requires several steps: 1) drag inte... Solved (in 6.60) 15 November 2013 19 December 2013 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Extension arrow not available in profile diagram I can make stereotypes and meta classes but I cannot create the proper extend connection between ... Solved (in 6.52) 16 October 2013 4 November 2013 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 Add sketch-like graphics to "User Interface" diagram Simple! Add sketch-like graphics to "User Interface" diagram. Similar to this: http://media.bal... Solved (in 8.00) 15 October 2013 11 January 2015 Harry Details
0 XML-based diagram editting Hi! Based on your software architecture this might be easy or hard to implement. The feature th... Confirmed 15 October 2013 Harry Details
0 Required interface node in sysML bdd and ibd I would like to have the required interface node available in the block diagrams. Can't see any r... Solved (in 6.52) 20 September 2013 4 November 2013 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 Quick link to see all occurences of an element It would be a neat function to be able to click on the Multiple Usage icon of an element and open... Solved (in 7.40) 20 September 2013 9 June 2014 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 Archimate / TOGAF I'm going to learn Archimate and TOGAF. Any support from SIM in the future expected? Solved (in 7.00) 17 September 2013 14 April 2014 Otto Details
0 more universality and less restrictions Your vision of diagram design is pretty restricted, you have very much types of diagram and restr... Partially Solved 17 September 2013 SplinterX Details
0 next suggestions Hi. I hate captcha. Let me register and reciev e-mail notifications. It's actually a little bi... Partially Solved 16 September 2013 SplinterX Details
0 'Plus' sign for adding diagram obscures tab close When having many diagrams simultaneously, it becomes impossible to close tabs starting with the l... Solved (in 6.51) 12 September 2013 15 September 2013 Tomas Sandkvist Details
0 still bad Hi. it's been a long time since i wrote first suggestion. And SIM still have almost the same prob... Partially Solved 5 September 2013 SplinterX Details
0 Column layout Hello, I found the Row Layout feature quite useful for a diagram I just made. I'd like to requ... Solved (in 6.50) 29 August 2013 1 September 2013 JKSH Details
0 canceling adding object Situation: I tried to add comment in a Diagram description and forgot to double click. Result wa... Solved (in 6.50) 23 August 2013 1 September 2013 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 SIM reader edition I use SIM within a customer's organization and would find a reader edition (no save/no possibilit... Solved (in 10.00) 19 August 2013 25 May 2016 Tomas Sandkvist Details