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0 sysml and modelica hi, as part of a reform of technological education, the French education system has adopted the u... Confirmed 13 June 2012 hamid Details
0 Improved SQL DDL Generation Hey, I was hoping to use your program to develop some database ER diagrams that I could import in... Solved (in 5.40) 7 June 2012 22 July 2012 Sawyer Pence Details
0 Hold "shift" to constrain drawing modes Can you provide a feature where, when drawing custom shapes or arrows, holding SHIFT constrains t... Solved (in 5.30) 29 May 2012 3 June 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 Provide "infinite canvas" view It can be distracting to have the canvas border around my diagram all the time. Could you provid... Solved (in 5.30) 29 May 2012 3 June 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 Make About... version text selectable Please make the version number text in the About... box selectable, to make bug reporting easier.... Solved (in 5.30) 24 May 2012 3 June 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 actionscript code generation? Actionscript is one of the OOP languages. Don't know that if your team will consider to add this... Solved (in 5.25) 14 May 2012 20 May 2012 kevin Details
0 Corrections 1. There seems to be a problem getting back into a box to edit its contents. I am not sure why ... Solved 14 May 2012 15 September 2012 Dr Reg Broekmann Details
0 Panning diagram when spacebar held Please make it possible to pan diagrams by simply moving the mouse while holding down the spaceba... Solved (in 5.25) 4 May 2012 20 May 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 Models and Export Hi, Not sure if I am the only one but I am using models several layers deep to organize my 100... Solved (in 5.20) 24 April 2012 1 May 2012 Bill Winicaties Details
0 Cannot move a diagram to a submodel of a model I'm using SIM ver 5.11. I cannot move a diagram to a submodel. For example, in a project tree... Solved (in 5.20) 20 April 2012 1 May 2012 CONG Details
0 Disable white rectangular background Starting from version 5 whenever I add an item (i.e in usecase diagram) it puts a white rectangul... Solved 20 April 2012 22 April 2012 Harry Details
0 2-suggestions Dear Sir. Hello Thank you for this good software, i have 2 suggestions FIRST, if possible a p... Solved 14 April 2012 15 September 2012 Serjik Details
0 Multiplatform What about a multi-platform application? Linux, Mac, ... :) Solved 5 April 2012 20 May 2012 Marco Details
0 Type Hinting for Params The ability to add Type Hinting for various parameters would be nice. E.g. for PHP the ability t... Solved (in 5.11) 27 March 2012 1 April 2012 Tyler Details
0 Exporting Diagrams On exporting diagrams as images, i think it would be nice to change the filename option to Custom... Solved (in 5.10) 22 March 2012 26 March 2012 Armando Details
0 Window Management You could add a CTRL-W shortcut to close current foreground window (and related). Solved (in 5.10) 22 March 2012 26 March 2012 Armando Details
0 Concurrency diagrams "ARTiSAN's concurrency diagram is an extension to UML that assists in dealing with the multi-task... Solved (in 5.70) 9 March 2012 23 November 2012 Theodoor Details
0 Other conventions for ERM, e.g. Chen Notation You use the Crow's Foot Notation, maybe you can add another one, like the Chen notation,that is u... Solved (in 6.00) 2 March 2012 5 April 2013 dbler Details
0 Entity Relationship Diagram First of all i would like to say that this program excellent! thank you and keep it up! I am goin... Solved (in 13.00) 27 February 2012 16 May 2022 waliur Details
0 Transition In an activity diagram it would be helpful if one could select the primary action by placing the ... Solved (in 5.04) 22 February 2012 26 February 2012 Dr Broekmann Details