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0 Lines Intersection thank you very much for your great efforts. please make lines which intersect displayed like in ... Solved (in 9.0) 1 November 2012 10 November 2015 ilmuBiner Details
0 Delphi Code Generation Hi. I'm using SIM and telling about to my friends and co-workers. Now we are evaluating this to... Solved (in 5.70) 31 October 2012 23 November 2012 Felipe Dal Pizzol Details
0 Hide Icon When I use an element in multiple diagrams, then SIM displays a small blue icon above the element... Solved 26 October 2012 26 October 2012 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Don't show 'activate' menu item for activated licenses Hi Dušan, This is really pretty minor, but hopefully it's also really easy for you to fix. Ca... Solved (in 5.62) 19 October 2012 27 October 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 Deselecting via Ctrl+click Hi, It's possible to select multiple items on diagrams via Ctrl+Click. It would be nice if we ... Solved (in 5.62) 10 October 2012 27 October 2012 JKSH Details
0 Change header to the truth I seem the header of your site has incorrect title "Free UML Tool - Software Ideas Modeler - Fre... Solved 4 October 2012 3 April 2013 Edward Details
0 CTRL-W for closing tab Hi Dušan, Could you add a second keyboard shortcut to close tabs? In addition to CTRL-F4, CTR... Solved 26 September 2012 30 September 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 Visibility of attributes and operations Dear Mr Rodina, Thank you very much for taking care of users' suggestions. I have the following ... Solved (in 6.00) 25 September 2012 5 April 2013 G. L. Details
0 Make vertices of Decision/Merge elements snap to grid (Activity Diagram( Hi, Currently, using default-sized elements, all 4 vertices of the diamonds are positioned in ... Solved (in 5.50) 3 September 2012 16 September 2012 JKSH Details
0 Make it easier to draw lines I often find it difficult to layout lines between two elements. Some points can be moved free... Solved (in 6.00) 31 August 2012 5 April 2013 Mathias Raacke Details
0 modelica and modelicaML hello, I return to the suggestion to include SysML with a modelica code generator . I wonder if ... Confirmed 30 August 2012 hamid Details
0 Suggestion to enable Dear Dušan Rodina, Thanks a lot for all your efforts to still improve your great software. Ple... Solved (in 5.50) 29 August 2012 16 September 2012 G. L. Details
0 Spell check Can you add a basic English spell check please. Would be nice to use when writing long comments. Confirmed 12 August 2012 waliur Details
0 Ability to Undo the movement of arrow labels Hi, If I move an arrow label (e.g. Class diagram relation label, Sequence diagram message labe... Solved (in 5.40) 14 July 2012 22 July 2012 Jeremy Details
0 Ability to "remove point" from association arrow Sometimes, too many points are added to an association line in the class diagram, especially if i... Solved (in 5.50) 13 July 2012 16 September 2012 Jeremy Details
0 A Password Protection Hello, i use this program for my private ideas and projects, so i don't want any other guy can se... Solved (in 5.50) 18 June 2012 16 September 2012 Serjik Details
0 Different formatting within an action block Hi Dušan - would it be possible to have different colours within an action block? I have set up ... Confirmed 18 June 2012 Dr. Reg Broekmann Details
0 auto-image export on saving Now often when I save the project file I make an image-export from the diagrams. This export I ma... Solved (in 6.00) 17 June 2012 5 April 2013 TG Details
0 Synchronise Model with Code Hi there, I hope that PHP reverse engineer comes soon but more than that I hope that you suppo... Confirmed 17 June 2012 RMP Details
0 Simple Pages Hi there, I like SIM and can't wait for that PHP reverse engineer to come. In the last days I ... Solved (in 10.00) 17 June 2012 25 May 2016 RMP Details