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0 C++ access specifier sections Hello! Great job on the program so far! One suggestion is in the c++ code generation it'd be n... Solved (in 6.15) 21 April 2013 13 May 2013 Patrick Details
0 Sequence Diagram: space insert I have some procedure in a Sequence Diagram. I have to insert a step somewhere in the middle. I ... Solved (in 6.10) 17 April 2013 21 April 2013 Otto Details
0 Warn if Exporting an image will overwrite an existing file Hello, I think it would be safer if SIM has a confirmation dialog for image exports which will... Solved (in 6.10) 17 April 2013 21 April 2013 JKSH Details
0 line behavior why did you make line behavior completly correct as i suggested before. Crow's Foot is still movi... Solved (in 6.10) 15 April 2013 21 April 2013 SplinterX Details
0 Stereotypes 1. When i try to open stereotypes list and edit new stereotype shape, window with default shapes ... Solved (in 6.10) 11 April 2013 21 April 2013 Seba Details
0 Alt fragment The Alt fragment, according to my textbook, includes a horizontal dashed line between the alterna... Solved (in 6.16) 8 April 2013 24 May 2013 Otto Details
0 Ref SD I would like to use the same sub-SD in several other SD's. Normally that should be done by using ... Solved (in 9.15) 8 April 2013 22 December 2015 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 Asynchronous messages I miss the possibility to add asynchronous messages in the sequence diagram. Solved (in 6.10) 8 April 2013 21 April 2013 Otto Christiaanse Details
0 Can't Draw Structure Charts More Information - Structure Chart Symbols : 1... Solved (in 9.0) 16 March 2013 10 November 2015 Dark Lord Details
0 Documentation box for methods and attributes Mr. DuĊĦan, All my apologize if this topic is already addressed as i am not very familiar with ... Solved (in 6.50) 13 March 2013 1 September 2013 Oliver Details
0 BPMN Data Association Hi, I'm using BPMN diagrams and I'm missing a data association arrow. Would be great to find i... Solved (in 6.00) 6 March 2013 5 April 2013 Stephan Zacharias Details
0 auto adjust diagram box according to text option Ability to enable an option that auto adjusts the class diagram Package, Class, Interface etc. st... Solved (in 8.00) 4 March 2013 11 January 2015 Patrick Details
0 add remember tabs in notes Sometimes I describe the implementation of a method in a UML diagram note and it would be nice if... Solved (in 6.11) 2 March 2013 25 April 2013 Patrick Details
0 Only confirm close dialog, if a change had been made Hello, If I accidentally open a Properties dialog (which happens embarrassingly often), I want... Solved (in 6.00) 1 March 2013 5 April 2013 JKSH Details
0 getters and setters Hi, It would be great to have another button, when adding attribute to a class in a class-diag... Solved (in 6.10) 27 February 2013 21 April 2013 MatGus Details
0 Visibility of attributes and operations, availability of version 6 Dear Mr Rodina, Given my suggestion from last year on the visibility of attributes and operati... Solved (in 6.00) 22 February 2013 5 April 2013 G. L. Details
0 Add Support for Template (Generics in C#) Hi Dusan Rodina, I would like to suggest implementation of Template class (a.k.a. Generics in ... Solved (in 7.31) 19 February 2013 6 June 2014 Harshdeep Mehta Details
0 Display the file path for the current project somewhere. On opening an existing project from the Start Page or File->Recent Projects there is no obvious w... Solved (in 5.83) 11 February 2013 16 February 2013 Neutrino Details
0 Diagram's context export dialog Simple improvement, that, I think, can improve the productivity and user experience. The diagr... Solved (in 5.83) 9 February 2013 16 February 2013 Alexander Volik Details
0 New Page and styled headings/paragraphs in documentation Currently you can write a documentation in "projects" > "documentation". There you can set headin... Solved (in 10.00) 12 January 2013 25 May 2016 rmp Details