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0 Search / filter textbox in project tree One of my SIM projects has grown quite large, so that it is not easy any more to find the diagram... Solved (in 10.00) 24 April 2015 25 May 2016 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Adding Extension to SysML Dear Sir, I would like to get more information about the possibility of collaboration develop... New 18 April 2015 Talal Quider Details
0 Set DefaultLineStyle for AutoPath AutoPath is very useful. It's greate. Hope it can set to default. Confirmed 16 April 2015 SuperShowwei Details
0 forum functions A search feature inside the forum would be very helpful Also the possibility to add pictures (... Confirmed 31 March 2015 behr GmbH Details
0 Free document viewer What about an free Version of SIM with very restricted functions ? Only : load a project and vi... Solved (in 10) 31 March 2015 25 May 2016 behr GmbH Details
0 Qualified Associations I looked for this feature in the application or in previous suggestions, but I couldn't find it. ... Solved (in 8.35) 23 March 2015 12 May 2015 Chris Simmons Details
0 Actor Hello! Can you make actor element to change size of name caption without changing size of whole ... Solved (in 8.40) 18 March 2015 25 May 2015 Maxim Details
0 Flow captions Hello! When i change size of control flow or move end of control flow caption (like guard condit... Solved (in 9.0) 12 March 2015 10 November 2015 Maxim Details
0 Floating flow ends Hello! Sometimes i need to delete activity where control flow have connected. Then i redraw diag... Solved (in 9.20) 12 March 2015 20 January 2016 Maxim Details
0 small Icon for added Diagramm Is it possible to add automaticly a small Icon (small rectangle?) inside a part if a diagramm is ... Solved 22 February 2015 30 March 2015 behr GmbH Details
0 Diagram Background Color Can I change diagram background color? Generally, light blue(default color) is more comfort than... Solved 13 February 2015 13 February 2015 Jake Park Details
0 Dociumentation of model Hello! Is there function to make documentation of model in any text format? for example, i want... Solved 29 January 2015 2 February 2015 Maxim Details
0 Glossary issue Hello, I get this error message when the application is starting and then the application clos... Solved (in 8.11) 23 January 2015 25 January 2015 Patrick FAURE Details
0 Line breaks in component names I would like to be able to add a line break to the text of a component, for example by pressing a... Solved (in 8.00) 2 January 2015 11 January 2015 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Visual Style of Objects with Documentation if there is a text in Documentation of a class or other object, it will be realy good, if the vis... Solved (in 10.00) 22 December 2014 25 May 2016 Christian Hoffmann Details
0 Lock layer Hello! May be in one of next version you can add option to lock layer. It can be usefull when yo... Solved (in 8.30) 28 November 2014 16 March 2015 Maxim Details
0 Drawing Hello! May be in next versions you can do something like connetion points in MS Visio. It's very... Solved (in 10.00) 17 November 2014 25 May 2016 Maxim Details
0 Activity diagram Hello! When i connect Control Flow to Decision or Merge element sometimes it connets not to side... Solved (in 8.00) 17 November 2014 11 January 2015 Maxim Details
0 Entity attribute's description tooltip It would be very helpfull to see a tooltip with the description of the entity's attribute on mous... Solved (in 8.00) 22 October 2014 11 January 2015 Dmikam Details
0 Version why there is two versions of software 32 bit and 64 bit ? Many programs is one version for windows. Solved 26 September 2014 26 September 2014 Nouran Details