Data Models and ER Diagram Examples

You can find here data models depicted in ER diagrams. ERD examples, example projects, and database design snippets.

Lecture Registration System (ERD)

This entity-relationship diagram example shows the data model of a lecture registration system.

University Information System (ER Diagram)

An example entity-relationship diagram for a university information system.

Database Management System (ERD)

An entity-relationship diagram for a database management system (DBMS).

Food Ordering System (ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram that depicts the entities of the food ordering system.

Doctor and Patient (Chen ER Diagram)

Doctor and patient relationship depicted on an entity-relation diagram by Chen notation.

Admin and User (Chen ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram (Chen notation) for admin and user. It depicts the entities and their attributes.

Voting System (ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram for a voting system. It manages multiple votings and voter groups. Multiple voting options are supported for each voting.

Event Management System (ER Diagram)

An entity-relationship diagram for an event management system. The system allows its users to organize events, invite guests, and post information about the events.

Movie Ticket Booking System (ER Diagram)

An ER diagram for a multiplex cinema booking system. The data model allows a customer to reserve a seat for a scheduled movie.

Employee Management System (ER diagram)

An ERD example for an employee management system. The diagram may be used as an extensible template or base for your employee management system designs.

Real Estate Portal (ER Diagrams)

These ERD examples show a data model of a real estate portal. It depicts an entity for property offers and related entities. The database model also includes the customer part - a customer can create property wishlists and notifications for desired properties.

Invoicing - Invoice Database Model Using ERD

This ERD example shows model of an invoicing module. Each invoice has an issuer, a buyer and a list of product items.

Dynamic Form Model (ERD Example)

This ER diagram example shows the data model of dynamic forms. If a form format is not strictly defined we need a dynamic structure that allows us to store various forms with a variable number of grouped fields. The fields may be of different types.

Users (Entity-Relationship Diagram)

Model of user module including rights, roles and user access logging.

Hotel Room Booking System (Entity-Relationship Diagram)

Example of entity-relationship diagram for a hotel room booking system.