Flowchart (Other Diagrams)

Flowchart is a diagram which depicts a workflow, process or algorithm. It may be used to show a succession of steps how to solve a task.

The Flowchart is an easy-to-grasp type of diagram. It describes a workflow, process or algorithm. It shows how to solve a task step by step. It defines a start node and one or more end nodes you can reach through a succession of actions and decisions.

Software Ideas Modeler supports these flowchart elements:

  • Flow - a connector from one node to another.
  • Start/End Symbol - defines where the workflow starts and where it ends.
  • Process - a basic node representing an action.
  • Decision - it creates branches in the flow of steps, each branch has defined a condition when it may be used.
  • Predefined Process
  • Alternate Process
  • Data
  • Directed Data
  • Document
  • Multi-Document
  • Internal Storage
  • Stored Data
  • Database
  • User Input
  • Or Junction
  • Summing Junction
  • Delay
  • Connector
  • Extract
  • Merge
  • Preparation
  • Display
  • User Operation
  • Collate
  • Sort
  • Transfer
  • Off-Page Connector
Flowchart Elements
Flowchart Elements

Flowchart Examples

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