Tips and Tricks

Various Caption Types of User Interface Diagram Elements

UI Diagram elements support various caption types. It may be regular text, schematic lines, or schematic waves depending on how many details you want to include or which schematic style you prefer.

Encompassing Container Creation

If you want to add some existing elements to a new container without changing their position, you can use the Create Parent Container feature.

Useful Features of Diagram Editor

The diagram editor offers useful features that can help you during the diagram creation, save you mouse clicks and allows you to create the diagrams faster.

Show Wireframe in Web Browser Container

You may design a wireframe of your web application in a diagram and reference it in another diagram using the Web Browser element. The Web Browser container will emphasize the target environment - it will be clear that your wireframe represents a web application or a web page.

Delete Container Without Nested Elements

Containers are elements which may contain other elements. By default, if you delete a container its nested elements will be deleted together with it. However, Software Ideas Modeler offers an option how to delete a container without its nested content.

Delete Element with Relationships

Elements are usually connected with other elements in diagram using relationships. If you know that you will not need an element nor its connectors to other elements, you may delete them together.

Object as a Default Value (UML Diagramming)

Apart from literal values, you can set an instance as a default value of an attribute.

Move all elements below/above some position up or down

There is a tool in Software Ideas Modeler which allows you to move all elements below/above some position up or down and also move all elements on the left or right from some position to left or right.

Place Use Cases Around an Actor

If there are many elements connected to an element, you may want to place them around this element. And why not in a circle?

Insert Multiple Elements of Same Kind to Diagram

Instruction how to create multiple elements at once.

How to Convert One Element to Another

Did you make a mistake or change your mind and want to change the type of an element in a diagram to another one? It's easy with this diagramming tool.

How to Change the Default Size of an Element

Do you want to know how to change the default size of a class or of any other element? This tip shows you how to do it.

Implement Interface

This tip show you how to easily implement an interface in a class.

How to Connect Multiple Elements with One Element

Software Ideas Modeler allows you easily to connect multiple elements with another element.