Version 8.51 - Fix

This version fixes two unpleasant bugs related to formatted text.

Version 8.50 - New Tabs, Search in Toolbox and Improved Documentation

Software Ideas Modeler got interesting improvements in version 8.50. Tab bar has a new look and is able to show longer name as well as more tabs on the same space (depending on settings). You can search a tool in the toolbox using the new search box on the top. Formatted text engine was completely refactored and should be much better now.

Version 8.45 - Improved Project Tree

Highlights of this version are improvements of the project tree. It has a new permanently visible search box. You can also set the behavior of navigation to item in the Options (Project Tree tab) - you can choose between opening/navigating on single click or double click. New version also fixes found bugs.

Version 8.40 - Remembered Views on Diagrams

Software Ideas Modeler 8.40 remembers the last view on each diagram, so you can continue where you ended at last saving. Also the last state of expansion of the project tree can be restored when you choose the option Restore Saved State for the Initial Expansion. You can also find another interesting improvements in this new version.

Qualified Associations in Version 8.35

Version 8.35 brings many improvements and bug fixes. The highlight of this version is Qualified Associations.

Version 8.31

New version is mainly a fix release. It fixes reported and discovered bugs. There are also a few small improvements.

Better Project Comparison and Various Improvements in Version 8.30

Version 8.30 brings more than 50 improvements including various bug fixes. A lot of improvements was made in the project comparsion feature. Also reverse engineering of MS SQL databases was improved together with the code generation.
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Requirements Diagram (Comment)


Thank you for your notice. It will be fixed soon.

6 July 2015 10:54:10, Dusan Rodina -

Requirements Diagram (Request)


When I modify an item in the requirements table (e.g. description) this modification is not reported in the same item on the diagram .

That seems to me an abnormal behavior.

Thank you


4 July 2015 6:05:19, Patrick FAURE

RE: Template for Free Pascal? (Comment)

You can try the template "Delphi" for source code generation (export).

Import (and also round-trip) is not yet supported and will be implemented in one of next versions.

You can create a cust...

30 June 2015 8:12:12, Dusan Rodina -

Template for Free Pascal? (Comment)

Is there an existing template for FreePascal (ObjectPascal) in the tool already? Has anyone created such a template? Also, once the template is created, will Software Ideas Modeler be able to do a ...

29 June 2015 10:30:46, EganSolo

RE: RE: Reverse Engineering in Java, want to see interface implementation arrows (Comment)

Thank you for your feedback. I was not able to reproduce this problem yet, but I will analyze it better and more in depth and try to find out, what case could cause this incorrect behavior.

24 June 2015 17:05:13, Dusan Rodina -


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