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0 Version 11.15 cannot create project I downloaded the portable Windows 64 bit version 11.5 And I get the following error when I create... Solved (in 11.16) 15 August 2017 15 August 2017 Nico Verduin Details
0 project file broken after saving I am using 64bit V11.10.6429.13822 and trying to learn how to generate C# code from a state masch... Solved (in 11.15) 12 August 2017 15 August 2017 behr GmbH Details
0 ctrl+c, ctrl+v bug ctrl+c & ctrl+v only works on default objects. After changing background and border color, ctrl+... Solved (in 11.15) 11 August 2017 15 August 2017 Bavarian Kid Details
0 Reverse Engineering C++ not fixed I installed 11.10, the bodies of the events within a class are still empty while there is source ... Solved (in 11.15) 9 August 2017 15 August 2017 Nico Verduin Details
0 Rectangular connection between linked elements sometimes gets straight after closing the project Hi. After closing a project, the rectangular lines between linked elements get straight. It looks... Solved (in 11.20) 5 August 2017 30 August 2017 André Barthel Details
0 Adding a new layer results in following exception message SoftwareIdeasModeler.Core.CommandProcessing.CommandException: Exception during execution the comm... Solved (in 11.10) 3 August 2017 8 August 2017 André Barthel Details
0 Reverse engineer Access DB I tried to reverse engineer an access database. First problem was that no editor for the connecti... Solved (in 10.68) 24 March 2017 26 April 2017 Stefan Menten Details
0 Display double distance number between diagrams screenshot followed: [url]http://i.imgur.com/TzPPTgc.png[/url] Solved (in 10.68) 17 March 2017 26 April 2017 johnny Details
3 Broken project Just opened my project to see some of my diagrams' elements are missing, even in the .simp and .s... Solved (in 10.67) 3 March 2017 6 March 2017 Olivier Defaux Details
0 Element References list not updated When an element is referenced in multiple diagrams, that element has an [i]Element References[/i]... Solved (in 10.67) 21 February 2017 6 March 2017 Zoltan Megyesi Details
1 Renaming of new connections issue "The new version allows you to connect elements dragging their snap points from one element to an... Solved (in 10.65) 10 January 2017 17 January 2017 Malte G. Details
1 Alignment Center Horizontally/Vertically Hello Dusan, in the diagram editor the actions triggered by the buttons Alignment > Center Hori... Solved (in 10.65) 9 January 2017 17 January 2017 Malte G. Details
0 Sequence Diagram - message arrows Hi how do you add message arrows in sequence diagrams - I've tried drag & drop and various other ... Solved (in 10.60) 6 January 2017 9 January 2017 AFernie Details
0 Layout Hello, I have created an activity diagram with swimlanes. In the version 9.31 I can move acti... Solved (in 10.50) 15 September 2016 28 December 2016 Alexander Famularo Details
0 Undo / Redo Hello, with the current version, the undo/redo do not function properly. The undo should only... New 15 September 2016 Alexander Famularo Details
0 Software crash on windows 10 Hi there, I wanted to report that the software crashes at launch everytime, on Windows 10 Annive... Solved (in 10.42) 5 September 2016 12 September 2016 Loris Details
0 The viewer fails to launch. Dear Mr Rodina, the software ideas modeler viewer crashes while launching on windows 10 (with ... Solved (in 10.41) 22 August 2016 23 August 2016 Henrik Gaßmann Details
0 Email Update Hi there, I am the company buyer and will not be using this license. As such, can you please chan... Solved 8 August 2016 8 August 2016 Troy Glatfelter Details
0 Strange behavior when creating dependencies in component diagram I'm trying to add a dependency arrow between two components. I click "dependency" in the menu, th... Solved 3 August 2016 8 May 2020 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Cannot open .simp file in SIM10 that works in SIM9 When I try to open one of my projects, I get the following error: System.NullReferenceExceptio... Solved (in 10.30) 26 July 2016 28 July 2016 Mathias Raacke Details