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0 Sequence Diagram bugs Create message and delete message not work. Lifeline fixed in the same position. Solved (in 8.55) 8 July 2015 10 July 2015 Hueyan Chen Details
0 Requirements Diagram Hello, When I modify an item in the requirements table (e.g. description) this modification is n... Solved (in 8.55) 4 July 2015 10 July 2015 Patrick FAURE Details
0 Diagrams in documentation Hello! In rtf documentation diagrams have cutted labels with conditions of control flow. This ha... Solved (in 8.50) 24 June 2015 30 June 2015 Maxim Details
0 ERD: The height of entity boxes should adjust to its content When adding a new entity to the diagramm. It is very big, although it has no attributes, yet. So ... Solved (in 8.50) 19 June 2015 30 June 2015 Christian Details
0 Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V does not work In many case, keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) does not work. Copying in context menu with mou... Solved (in 8.45) 21 May 2015 10 June 2015 Jake Park Details
0 32-bit Setup Hello, could you pls replace the current ZIP with the expected EXE? Thanks in advance. Best rega... Solved 13 May 2015 13 May 2015 pyb Details
0 bpmn icons label missing Dear, Several icons like "event" and "gateway" accept a text field. they resize as if the text ... Solved (in 8.40) 12 May 2015 25 May 2015 Werner VH Details
0 crash after copy paste of diagram Hello, I designed a use case diagram and do copy paste as PasteCopy of this diagram. Results is ... Solved (in 8.35) 7 May 2015 12 May 2015 Laurent W. Details
0 strange behavior when editing sequence diagrams When I work on a sequence diagram, I start getting "strange" effects after a while, which make it... Solved (in 8.50) 7 May 2015 30 June 2015 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Python Code Generation does not support multiple inheritance Python supports multiple inheritance, but the Python code generator does not. Since inheritance o... Solved (in 8.35) 8 April 2015 12 May 2015 Horacio Hoyos Details
0 SIM periodically "loses" license I have a licensed install of the product and it is installed on a machine. I have been using the... Solved 26 March 2015 26 March 2015 Chris Simmons Details
0 Undocked project windows not closed/error after project is closed Under typical circumstances, windows which are tied to a project (e.g. diagrams or the Element Br... Solved (in 8.31) 24 March 2015 30 March 2015 Chris Simmons Details
0 Deleting elements which are not used on a diagram results in error Steps to repeat: [list] Open model with at least one element that is unused Open Element Bro... Solved (in 8.31) 24 March 2015 30 March 2015 Chris Simmons Details
0 Show Tagged Values in a Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram In a Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram, we activate “Right-click->Show Parts->Show Tagged Values... Solved (in 8.31) 23 March 2015 30 March 2015 David B. Details
0 Misspelling in Interactive Documentation "Streotypes" is output on Interactive Documentation pages for types. Solved (in 8.31) 19 March 2015 30 March 2015 Chris Simmons Details
0 Editing attribute duplicates type name Simple to reproduce: 1. Go into properties of any class in a class diagram 2. Go to attributes ... Solved (in 8.31) 18 March 2015 30 March 2015 Chris Simmons Details
0 Decision size Hello! I have changed size of decision element to zero and got error: System.Runtime.InteropSer... Solved (in 8.31) 17 March 2015 30 March 2015 Maxim Details
0 Interactive Documentation I gave interactive documentation another try after you fixed #407. This time it did not crash, bu... Solved (in 8.31) 17 March 2015 30 March 2015 Mathias Raacke Details
0 Line Hello! After opening property window of element line error have occured. System.ArgumentExcepti... Solved (in 8.30) 11 March 2015 16 March 2015 Maxim Details
0 More than one registration window After installing SoftwareIdeasModelerSetup64-8-20.exe, and opening an earlier project, I've left ... Solved 4 March 2015 8 May 2020 KG Details