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0 Scroll Bar disappears on top-right tab's panel I cannot see the scroll bar in the Style tab (it should appear because I've create a lot of custo... Solved (in 5.25) 10 May 2012 20 May 2012 Gore Details
0 "Send Request" doesn't confirm I've tried submitting a feature request with the Help -> Send Request menu item in the latest ver... Confirmed 4 May 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 XMI Export Activity Diagram The Export of Activity Diagrams doesnt seem to work anymore. Solved (in 5.25) 3 May 2012 20 May 2012 Waldemar Details
0 Nullability Switching nullability off does not have effect in entity relationship diagram. Solved 18 April 2012 6 May 2012 André Details
0 Unable to start on Linux with mono With the veersion 4.x.x the software start correctly. Now with the newest version when I try to s... Solved 11 April 2012 5 November 2012 Roberto Details
0 XMI Exoprt Guards on Transitions When exporting to XMI guards on Transitions in a Activity-Diagram are not exported. Solved (in 5.20) 5 April 2012 1 May 2012 Waldemar Details
0 Missing Objects in XMI-File When exporting to XMI it seems that the program cant export MergeNodes. they are missing in the X... Solved (in 5.20) 4 April 2012 1 May 2012 Waldemar Details
0 Items disapearing from Diagrams After save a complex Use Case Diagram and close the program, when I started again, a lot of items... Solved (in 5.11) 31 March 2012 1 April 2012 Fabricio Considera Details
0 Class attribute losing multiplicity The multiplicity of a class attribute does not reappear in edit mode, the field stays blank. e.g.... Solved (in 5.11) 30 March 2012 1 April 2012 André Details
0 Error after upgrade After upgrade to version 5.10 (from 5.06), I cannot open any projects createds won version 5.06. ... Solved (in 5.11) 27 March 2012 1 April 2012 Fabricio Considera Details
0 Export to PHP Extra Characters Exporting to PHP source code, the first line appears like: <?php 3 bogus characters befo... Solved (in 5.11) 26 March 2012 1 April 2012 Tyler Details
0 PDF Export When trying to save a diagram in PDF format, I got an error message. The detailed view shows the ... Solved (in 5.10) 22 March 2012 26 March 2012 Zachi Details
0 Error in Download I had a bug that the computer people said could only be fixed by reinstalling all my software. T... Solved 22 March 2012 19 April 2012 Dr. Reg Broekmann Details
0 Click under project tree control When I click on the empty area under tree control in the projects tab, I always caught an excepti... Solved (in 5.10) 21 March 2012 26 March 2012 Eugene Shavlyugin Details
0 Startup error Got this error on startup, what is this? System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value of '-1' is no... Solved (in 5.10) 20 March 2012 26 March 2012 Shenno Details
0 Program crash source code tab of class properties in classdiagram In the properties screen of a class in a classdiagram --> when I try to put some text in the text... Solved (in 5.07) 18 March 2012 18 March 2012 Bram Details
0 Editace textu Od nové verze 5 mám problém s editaci textu vloženého prvku (například čáry). Až po několikátem p... New 15 March 2012 Hock Miroslav Details
0 New model in projectsidebar Adding a new model in project sidebar context-menu gives an Exception: Dutch: "System.NullRef... Solved (in 5.07) 13 March 2012 18 March 2012 Theodoor Details
0 PHP Interface I commented on the previous issue, but not sure if it would get read. Problem is partially solve... Solved (in 5.07) 11 March 2012 18 March 2012 Tyler Details
0 Program Error upon "Generate Source" Upon selecting "Generate Source" and sending to PHP, program created files but gave the following... Solved (in 5.07) 11 March 2012 18 March 2012 Tyler Details