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0 Can't undo movement of Control Flow arrow labels (Activity Diagram) Hi, The effects of RQ #86 haven't carried over to Control Flow arrows, it seems. I remember re... Solved (in 5.50) 3 September 2012 16 September 2012 JKSH Details
0 Activity Diagram does not save Fork/Join bar rotation Hi, After I save an activity diagram with rotated Fork/Join bars, when I close and re-open the... Solved (in 5.50) 3 September 2012 16 September 2012 JKSH Details
0 Resize-handles of fork/join elements don't rotate (Activity Diagram) Hi, A fork or join element is initially horizontal, so I need to drag its left/right handles t... Solved (in 5.50) 3 September 2012 16 September 2012 JKSH Details
0 Textbox border not showing When I open a textbox, and selects its border.. the border does not show it is always invisibl... Solved (in 5.50) 19 August 2012 16 September 2012 Allan Details
0 Problem on Interface extending The source code generator doesn't including an interface super classes in PHP code. Solved (in 5.50) 9 August 2012 16 September 2012 Arvand Details
0 Crash when no network connection When there is no network connection available and SIM is configured to automatically check for up... Solved (in 5.50) 2 August 2012 16 September 2012 Lars Kemmann Details
0 Long diagram names are clipped in the Model Overview window Hi DuĊĦan, thanks for all the new features and fixes in version 5.40! It feels smoother to use now... Solved (in 5.50) 31 July 2012 16 September 2012 Jeremy Details
0 Version 5.40 Crashes on Launch I've been running SIM for quite awhile. I am not sure what the last working version was but abou... Solved 29 July 2012 11 April 2013 Paul Menefee Details
0 While drawing interface mockup program hangs. Program hang while moving multiple selection. Description: A problem caused this program to... Cannot Reproduce 25 July 2012 16 April 2013 Kevin Anderson Details
0 Clicking on an Interaction Operand causes it transfer to a parent fragment Hi, In a sequence diagram, I had and Alt fragment, and put an Opt fragment inside it. I put an... Solved (in 5.40) 14 July 2012 22 July 2012 Jeremy Details
0 NullReferenceException caused by Ctrl+W when no windows are open 1. Open SIM 2. Close the Start Page 3. Call Windows->Close (Ctrl+W) again The system encount... Solved (in 5.40) 13 July 2012 22 July 2012 Jeremy Details
0 Undo delete restores boxes in the wrong order Hi, In a class diagram, I had a Package containing 1 Class with 2 sub-Classes. I deleted th... Solved (in 5.40) 13 July 2012 22 July 2012 Jeremy Details
0 ExpansionRegion & Pins XMI-Export references to the contained nodes are missing in the xmi-file. And pins are missing too. Solved (in 5.40) 11 July 2012 22 July 2012 Waldemar Details
0 Error when Reverse Engineering I reverse engineered my .vbproj successfully the first time, but then I wanted to redo it, so I c... Solved (in 5.40) 5 July 2012 22 July 2012 Erik Details
0 Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) When selecting a multiplicity for some association SIM crashed printing the following onto the co... Solved 10 June 2012 24 April 2013 Christian Details
0 Copy and paste problem on linux (Ubuntu) Hi. I have problem doing copy & paste. I found that on Windows, there is a popup window that a... Confirmed 8 June 2012 Arvand Details
0 Tab View Switches On Dragging Entity into Workspace after arranging model hierarchy This is a bug report. Create a new Entity relationship diagram in "Model 1" directory. Then... Solved (in 5.40) 6 June 2012 22 July 2012 Sawyer Pence Details
0 InterruptingEdge Congratulations^^ That version looks pretty good. The Reference in InterruptibleActivityRegio... Solved (in 5.40) 5 June 2012 22 July 2012 Waldemar Details
0 ActivityPartitions and InterruptibleActivityRegions contain no references Both elements have no references to the elements they contain. Something like <node xmi:idref="H... Solved (in 5.30) 27 May 2012 3 June 2012 Waldemar Details
0 Auto-update (Enterprise) doesn't work Like it says. I got a progress bar at the bottom when I started SIM today that turned all the ... Solved (in 5.30) 24 May 2012 3 June 2012 Lars Kemmann Details