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0 Click focus issue It's difficult to interact with objects on canvas because there is a bit of confusion about the f... Solved (in 14.60) 12 July 2024 23 July 2024 Francesco Colella Details
0 Error on loading project Error: System.ArgumentException: Cannot resolve trigger type. em SoftwareIdeasModeler.Projec... Solved (in 14.x) 29 May 2024 4 June 2024 Gustavo Baltazar Details
0 Missing relationship option when creating new entity. When creating a new entity an Entity Relationship Diagram (C#, EF) using right mouse-drag, a sele... Solved (in 14.50) 3 May 2024 28 May 2024 Arthur Kater Details
0 Code Generation I'm having a problem with C# code generation. The software seems to be struggling with "null!" or... Solved (in 14.30) 8 February 2024 21 March 2024 Caelan Details
0 HyperLink (URL) I am in a Data Flow Diagram, then Right Click an Object, select documentation, Select General....... Solved (in 14.09) 16 November 2023 28 November 2023 Patrick Gartner Details
0 Unexpected error Class Diagram There are error message when i created rules in class properties. I open additional window rule's... Solved (in 14.01) 1 October 2023 2 October 2023 Max Details
0 Problem in the sql script for a “CREATE UNIQUE INDEX”. Software : Software Ideas Modeler Ultimate – Trial Version Version : 13.99 Source Code Generati... Solved (in 14) 8 September 2023 26 September 2023 Loic Gadras Details
0 State Machine visual corruption [b]1.[/b] When a Composite State is moved as part of a group selected by using a rectangle (even ... Solved (in 14.00) 2 August 2023 26 September 2023 Richard Details
0 Activity Diagram SwimLane D&D After entering an action into the swimlane I am unable to move the swimlane by dragging and dropp... Solved 10 May 2023 10 May 2023 Roger Smith Details
0 Property in SYSML The property in SYSML get a dashed frame by default. According the SYSML conventions it should be... Solved (in 14.01) 24 April 2023 27 September 2023 Isotherm AG Details
0 import Python code FAILS System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Softw... Solved (in 13.98) 5 March 2023 15 March 2023 richdev Details
0 Newest update 13.95 not detected while running 13.90 After the release of version 13.95 and while running version 13.90.8425.20233 selecting File/Help... Solved 9 February 2023 10 February 2023 DirkJan van der Hoven Details
0 Modify todo priority cell 1. Create new project 2. Open TO-DO window 3. Add a item 4. Edit Priority by double-click the ... Solved (in 13.90) 20 January 2023 25 January 2023 Eric Details
0 Export Draw IO Hello, Exporting a diagram to Draw IO rises an exception : SoftwareIdeasModeler.Core.CommandP... Solved 12 January 2023 20 January 2023 LaurentW Details
0 Invalid "diagram name cannot be empty" When I insert a diagram the "add diagram" dialog propose a name for the selected diagram. But the... Solved (in 13.80) 28 September 2022 5 October 2022 De Ruiter Automatiseringsdiensten Details
0 Vertical text alignment Dear Dusan I noticed some text alignment issues when I tried to set the vertial text alignment i... Solved (in 13.70) 28 August 2022 5 September 2022 Sebastian Details
0 Infinite trial version on same computer, without re-installing program, with same e-mail Abusing trial version infinite times: without using virtual machines, without re-installing th... Solved 17 July 2022 23 December 2022 User Details
0 docs generation missing essentials hi, I can't see a field in doc generation that can set the version and date which is i guess ver... Solved 12 July 2022 19 July 2022 sami Details
0 enum class hi enum and enum class are missing for cpp code generation Solved (in 13.50) 7 July 2022 19 July 2022 sami Details
0 Graph Database Can i have project data loaded and saved from a graph database (e.g. neo4j) ? Confirmed 4 July 2022 DENSO CORPORATION Details