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Fixed Issue with Duplication of Object Attributes

Version 2.62 fixes found bug which causes duplication of object attributes after editing.

Version 2.61 with fixed errors

New version corrects found errors.

First Update This Year - Version 2.60

After holidays the next update is here. Version 2.6 fixes found bugs and also adds new features.

Present for you - version 2.50

I have a christmas present for you - users of Software Ideas Modeler. Only after 17 days, new version of this case tool is here.

Second Generation of Software Ideas Modeler

I am very glad that I can present the second major release of Software Ideas Modeler.

Version 1.51 Released

A new version fixes several bugs and adds some new features.

New Version of Software Ideas Modeler

After almost two months, there is a new version of Software Ideas Modeler with lots of new features.

About Software Ideas Modeler

Application Software Ideas Modeler is a tool for the creation of UML diagrams and modeling software.