Software Ideas Modeler News - Software Modeling and Diagramming Tool

Sixth Major Version - Modern Diagramming Tool

Evolution of Software Ideas Modeler goes on with the version 6. It brings the improvements across the entire program.

New website and new logo

New website was launched and also the new logo of Software Ideas Modeler was introduced.

Version 5.84

This release fixes new found bugs and includes some small improvements.

More stability with version 5.83

This update improves stability of Software Ideas Modeler and also brings some small usability improvements.

Version 5.82

Version 5.82 fixes new bugs found during last weeks.

Version 5.81

This version fixes reported bugs.

Lots of improvements in version 5.80

I have a present for you. It is not yet the version 6, but I hope you appreciate it as well. There is one more release from 5.x branch and it brings many improvements and fixes.

Souce code generation for Delphi and Concurrency diagram

Version 5.70 supports new diagram type (Concurrency diagram) and allows to generate source code for Delphi. Template language was improved - now it supports composite logical expressions (using and, or, not) and allows to include other files.

Version 5.62

This version improves stability and fixes some other bugs.

Version 5.61 - hot fix

This version is a quick response to found bugs.

Enhanced sequence diagrams and template language

Version 5.60 enhances the sequence diagrams and adds new commands and possibilities to template language. Among other new features, you can generate the source code for state machines (so far C# and JavaScript). Naturally, the known bugs were fixed.

Better work with classes and encrypted project with password

New version (5.50) of Software Ideas Modeler fixes known bugs and brings new exciting features - especially auto-complete, using classes as types, overriding of operations from super class, implementing of interfaces and encryption of project files.

Version 5.40 - Improved work with tabs and added PHP parsing

This new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings several improvements and bug fixes. It is now available also in Italian language (thanks to Gabriele Campo)

Interactive documentation and other improvements

An interesting feature - Interactive documentation - was added to Ultimate edition and many other improvements and fixes to both editions.

Version 5.25 - Action Script generation and other improvements

New version brings 15 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

Enhanced find, added replace and a lot of other improvements

New version includes enhanced find and adds replace feature. It also contains many other improvements (overall 41 improvements).

Version 5.11 with various improvements and improved stability

Release for this week includes 8 new features and improvements and fixes 17 found bugs.

Version 5.10 - Better documents and extra large amount of other improvements

New version improves documents, source code generation and other thing to bring you better user experience.

Version 5.07

New version improves stability and solves found problems.

Version 5.06 - distribute options and easier moving of attributes and operations

The highlight features of this new release are distribute options for selected elements available in Arrange menu and easier moving of attributes and operations using drag and drop.