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Fresh Release of Your Diagramming Tool in 2019

Software Ideas Modeler 11.92 is a first release in year 2019. It fixes various bugs and it brings small improvements.

Usability Improvements, Nested Diagrams Fixes and More in Version 11.91

Software Ideas Modeler 11.91 brings variety of small improvement and fixes.

Improved Diagram Editor with Better Oblique Line Editing - Software Ideas Modeler 11.90

In the new version you can find several interesting improvements. The highlight of this version is improved oblique line editing - it allows you easier to combine free direction lines and rectangular lines in a single relationship. There is also a lot of fixed bugs.

Version 11.89 with Improved Diagramming and New Pan Tool Setting

Rectangular lines routing was further improved for some cases. Pan tool offers a new setting. Nested diagrams are shown in Folder Overview from this version. Various bugs were fixed.

Better Diagram Creation and Improved Ribbon in Version 11.88

Software Ideas Modeler 11.88 improves diagramming and fixes found bugs.

Fixed Work With ERD Relationships and More in Version 11.87

Software Ideas Modeler 11.87 fixes found bugs.

Improved Styling and Optimized Diagram Rendering - Version 11.86

Software Ideas Modeler 11.86 improves work with default styles, enhances rendering speed of element with a custom visual when a big bitmap is used. Also the found bugs were fixed.

Improved Diagramming with Better Rectangular Lines Handling - Version 11.85

The latest version (11.85) improves various aspects of diagram editing, especially rectangular line handling. It also fixes a lot of bugs.

Improved Entity Relationship Diagram and Overall User Experience - Version 11.80

The new version brings more than 40 improvements and fixes 33 bugs. The major new feature is new settings added to E-R diagrams. In addition, there is a bunch of small improvements which should enhance the overall user experience.

Better BPMN Support and Improved Diagram Editing Experience

Software Ideas Modeler 11.70 improves BPMN export and introduces BPMN import. Diagram editing was improved in this version, especially element name editing.

Enhanced Diagramming, Better SQL DDL Generation and Database Reverse Engineering

Software Ideas Modeler 11.60 improves diagram creation. The overall experience should be better thanks to several improvements and fixes. The new version enhances also SQL script generation and database reverse engineering.

Improved Database Reverse Engineering and SysML Sequence Diagram - Version 11.55

Software Ideas Modeler 11.55 brings several small improvements.

Improved Database Import Dialog - Version 11.53

Software Ideas Modeler 11.53 brings a useful improvement to database import dialog, improves template commands for formatted text and fixes reported bugs.

Improved Use Case Diagram and Fixed Bugs - Version 11.52

Software Ideas Modeler 11.52 adds new tools to UML use case diagram and fixes found bugs.

Version 11.51 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 11.51 fixes a few found bugs.

Added Support for SharePoint and Improved SysML in Version 11.50

Software Ideas Modeler 11.50 brings support for downloading/uploading from/to SharePoint server. There is also a lot of improvements in SysML diagrams. New version has enhanced overall stability and it fixes a lot of bugs.

Enhanced Requirement Diagram - Version 11.45

The new version improved the requirement diagram and fixes several bugs.

Improved Diagramming and More Options with Version 11.41

Software Ideas Modeler 11.41 brings several improvements and fixes.

Name Styles, Better Glossary and Alias Editor

Software Ideas Modeler 11.40 includes several interesting improvements - multiple name styles, better glossary module and new alias editor.

Better Documentation Templates and Improved Support for Right-To-Left Languages

The new version 11.30 improves documentation templates (support for optional regions was added) and it enhanced support for right-to-left languages. Also several bugs were fixed.